Full Tilt Poker hits a new traffic high

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius was one of the 10,000+ players on Full Tilt Poker on Jan. 26.

For the third time in the last couple of months Full Tilt Poker has broken another traffic record, according to data collected by PokerListings' MarketPulse section.

On Monday, Jan. 26, 2009, the online traffic report recorded an average of 10,433 players per hour, which makes it the busiest day in Full Tilt history. The number narrowly eclipses the previous record of 10,186 set on Jan. 13 and easily surpasses the record of 9,936 set on Jan. 4.

It's obvious that the site made famous by Team Full Tilt pros like Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Jennifer Harman is off to a great start in 2009.

Full Tilt Poker benefits from having world-class software, an unparalleled pro team, the biggest games in world and the most frequent online series, the FTOPS.

PokerListings players get a sweet deal on Full Tilt Poker with weekly $3,000 freerolls so long as the new depositor accrues 100 frequent player points the week before the freeroll. You can check it out here.


One of the biggest draws of Full Tilt Poker is its status as the place where high-stakes sharks like Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Phil "OMG" Galfond, Ivey, Patrik Antonius and others choose to do battle.

This week was no different, and the pot sizes are getting closer and closer to half a million territory, with Finnish master Patrik Antonius raking in a $429,997 pot heads-up against British player Rory "Mafews" Mathews.

In the hand Mafews made a bet of three times the big blind from the button with 9 5 and Antonius called from the big blind with T 9. It was an action flop - to say the least - as it came T 9 5.

Antonius checked, but Mafews bet $5,000. Antonius responded by check-raising to $21,000 but Mafews reraised to $48,000.

Antonius called; the turn came J, putting a possible flush and straight on the board. Antonius immediately went all-in for a total of $165,998. Mafews couldn't help but call, only to find his two pair in trouble.

The river was the Q to secure Antonius one of the biggest pots of 2009.

You can check out exactly how the hand went down in the exclusive PokerListings hand replayer below:

Mafews vs. Patrik Antonius

Think you've got what it takes to wade into the frenzy of action? Then download and sign up to full tilt. You can always rail the games from our MarketPulse section too.

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