Full Tilt Poker adds Knockout Bounty Tournaments

Erik Seidel
Erik Seidel has words of wisdom for those who try the Knockout Bounty Tournaments.

It's time to add a little L.L. Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" to your tournament mix on your MP3 player. Full Tilt Poker has a new Knockout Bounty Tournament that you're going to want to get pumped up for.

With the poker site's new Knockout Bounty Tournaments, players will get paid for every player they knock out of the tournament, not just targeted players.

Erik Seidel talks about the tournaments in his latest advice column at Full Tilt Poker.

"Knockout Bounty Tournaments - recently added to Full Tilt Poker - can add a fun and exciting new wrinkle to tournament poker," he said. "While it's important to go after the bounties at the right times, you have to keep an eye on your overall goal: winning."

Knockout Bounty Tournaments follow the same rules as standard tournaments. The difference is that the buy-in will be split between contributing to the overall prize pool and creating a bounty on each player.

For example, a Knockout Bounty Tournament with a $10+$1 buy-in will have $8 going to the prize pool and $2 set aside as a bounty on each player. When you knock a player out of the tournament, the bounty money will be immediately credited to your account.

The Knockout Tournaments will have a "K" next to them in the tournament lobby.

Seidel's advice for these tournaments is to play how you would normally, but you may have to adjust for the players looking to score the extra, quick cash by knocking others out.

mcWGPFTP-New-Logo-Resizing150x84white.jpg"You will often have to tighten up as your opponents are willing to play a wider range of hands in pursuit of Knockout Bounties," he said. "While everyone else is pushing with a wider variety of hands, you need to play smart and remember not to stray too far from your normal game plan."

Players will also want to go ahead and play aggressively against the short stacks at the table to try to get the bounties. There are times when the risk of doubling-up the short stack is outweighed by the potential bounty.

"So go ahead and gun for a bounty when the opportunity presents itself, but don't go out of your way trying to take another player out just for the fun of delivering a knockout punch," Seidel says. "Remember, even in a Knockout Bounty tournament, there's no sweeter reward than to be the last man standing after the final hand is dealt."

For more information or to take a seat in the new bounty tournaments, visit Full Tilt Poker.

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