Full Tilt players can now run it twice

Phil Ivey
Do you want to run it twice?

Full Tilt Poker has released a new software update allowing players to "run it twice" and cash out of certain tournaments.

Fans of popular TV programs like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker are likely to have seen their favorite cash game legends "run it twice" on more than one occasion.

Essentially, running it twice allows heads-up opponents in a cash game pot, with one or both all in, to agree to have the remaining community cards dealt twice.

The winner of each outcome takes half of the pot. With Full Tilt's new software update, cash game players will now have that option online.

In addition, the software update includes a new Cashout Tournament format, giving players the option of cashing out some or all of their chips before the tournament has ended.

The tournaments follow the same rules as standard tournaments, except that each buy-in is split between a regular tournament prize pool and a Cashout pool.

Players compete for a share of the tournament prize pool as they would in a standard tournament, but also have the option of cashing out some or all of their chips.

For more information on all of Full Tilt's new features click here.

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