Full Tilt pays off for PokerListings players

The Prize Money

As each week passes, more PokerListings.com players are raking in free cash at Full Tilt Poker with the weekly $3,000 freerolls.

The latest winners were embassai on Nov. 24, 45caliberT on Dec. 1 and Matieu Ave on Dec. 8.

To get their shot at a piece of the $3,000 prize pool in the exclusive freeroll, players had to have signed up to play at Full Tilt Poker through PokerListings.com and then accumulated 150 points during the seven-day qualification period for the tournament.

Nov. 24 Top 10 players:

Place Name Prize
1st embassai $690
2nd 1duke1 $435
3rd Jankman8 $322.50
4th Randy_KC $247.50
5th aab980 $187.50
6th debut0 $135
7th 27b-6 $90
8th jimbeam5 $70.20
9th mpoke111 $51
10th gep 57 $28.50

Dec. 1 Top 10 players:

Place Name Prize
1st 45caliberT $690
2nd Doc NoHope $435
3rd bpyho $322.50
4th EightBalls33 $247.50
5th abreadwinner $187.50
6th Ashy Knuckles28 $135
7th chiefthirsty $90
8th mpoke111 $70.20
9th dlham59 $51
10th Strict 9s $28.50

Dec. 8 Top 10 players:

Place Name Prize
1st Matieu Ave $573.30
2nd marcj316 $354
3rd douglazy $246
4th trot726 $189
5th rivered07 $144.40
6th NoLimiteR7 $105
7th infrared eleven $76.50
8th Dirk H65 $61.50
9th Randy_KC $46.50
10th Sebastian03 $36.90

The $3,000 freeroll set for this Saturday has 1,024 qualifiers, providing ample evidence that PokerListings.com players know a good thing when they see it. There are also 1,719 players qualified for the exclusive monthly World Poker Tour freeroll.


Those players will take to the virtual felt on Sunday at Full Tilt Poker to play for a free $12,500 prize package to the World Poker Tour event of their choice. That includes the buy-in and up to $2,500 in spending money.

All players had to do to qualify was sign up at the poker site through PokerListings.com and then earn 300 Full Tilt Points the previous month before the tournament.

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