Full Tilt Offers Rush, Step Tournaments

Chris Ferguson
'Rush Poker is the greatest innovation in online poker since poker started on the Internet.'

Full Tilt Poker has announced the launch of two different tournament formats on the site.

Steps Tournaments debuted this week, offering players the chance to win entry to bigger buy-in tournaments, with larger prize pools, by working their way up the steps of a progressive series.

Starting with buy-ins as low as $3.30, Steps Tournaments play just like regular tournaments, except that players compete for Tournament Tickets to the next Step in the series.

Even if players don't advance to the next step, Steps Tournaments also award seats at the same level or a lower level. Players can also buy in directly at any step.

Step tournaments offering players the chance to win a World Series of Poker Main Event prize package are already available starting at $3.30.

Full Tilt players can also experience the world's fastest poker tournament now that Rush Poker Tournaments are available exclusively on the site.

As with Rush Poker ring games, Rush Poker Tournaments  allow players to join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents on every hand.

When a player folds their hand, they'll immediately be moved to another table with different opponents for the next hand, even if the current hand is still in progress.

In order to speed up the game even more, Rush Poker games feature a Quick Fold button at the table which allows players to fold their hand before it's their turn to act.

When the final table of the tournament is reached, the tournament will switch to the standard tournament mode and hands will be played one at a time until the tournament is over.

"Rush Poker is the greatest innovation in online poker since poker started on the Internet," said 2000 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion and Team Full Tilt member Chris Ferguson. "Rush Poker is an amazingly fast-paced game. You always have a decision to make; you're never waiting for other players to finish the hand."

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