Full Tilt floats $3k to PokerListings players

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You too could be a Full Tilt Poker player.

Everywhere you turn on PokerListings, there are great deals to be had. Nilius Menezes might argue that one of the best is at Full Tilt Poker, where he recently took down a $3,000 freeroll exclusively for PokerListings.com players.

Menezes, who is currently living in Australia, is a 23-year-old business student who mainly plays poker in between going to classes and studying. He said he's been playing a lot more lately, and that paid off with a ticket to the weekly $3k freeroll at Full Tilt Poker and his eventual $750 win in the event.

All it takes to qualify for the weekly freeroll is to have signed up at Full Tilt Poker through a PokerListings.com link and then to earn 100 player points during the week before the freeroll.

Menezes, who plays as Nilius85 at Full Tilt Poker, qualified for the Nov. 8 freeroll and went on to top the field of 91 players.

"Oh, I would say the field was pretty decent," Menezes said about the freeroll. His skills, and a bit of luck, helped pull him to a victory though.

"Before the final table, when around 10 were left the guy to my right made a raise, and I reraised him all-in," Menezes said. "I was holding A-Q here and he turned over A-K, but a queen on the flop and blanks on the turn and river gave me a nice stack entering the final table."

He said that by the time he was heads-up at the final table, he had a $108,000 stack compared to his opponent's $27,000.

"In the final hand I was dealt Q 3. I put pressure on my opponent by going all-in, forcing him out of the pot as he limped, but he did call with suited K 8," Menezes said. "The flop came J Q 2, turn was 5 and the river a lowly 4. I won with a pair of queens."

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1 Nilius85 $750
2 pennstatejake $465
3 Yogsotot $330
4 thecondiment $255
5 Strict 9s $210
6 fane427 $165
7 Rodrigo-A1 $120
8 Dakorgan $90
9 clue1ess90 $75

Menezes has only been playing poker for about a year and a half. The freeroll win is his second-biggest win to date, the first being a $786 win in $2,000 guaranteed Razz tournament.

This wasn't his first shot at the weekly $3,000 freeroll at Full Tilt Poker either. He also qualified and played in the Nov. 1 freeroll, though he didn't make the money that time.

It may be fairly easy for Menezes to qualify for the freerolls since he primarily plays at Full Tilt Poker when he finds the time to play online poker each week.

"I think the software and the variety of tournaments at different buy-in amounts are really great," Menezes said about Full Tilt Poker.

He's also a regular at PokerListings.com. He said he's on the site quite regularly to see what's going on in the poker world.

"I think it's a great, with the bonuses and their coverage on the international poker scene. It's a great site," Menezes said.

Menezes isn't the only one who's been benefiting recently from the exclusive freerolls at Full Tilt Poker. Here are winners from other recent weeks as well.

Nov. 15 $3,000 Freeroll - 93 players














Tilt Bluffer















EE Ali


Nov. 1 $3,000 Freeroll - 89 players

Place Name Prize
1 mike24778 $750
2 puzzledpawn $465
3 RUSirious $330
4 Dao Bo $255
5 Quad_Cwbys $210
6 qolop $165
7 nevatlt $120
8 HankHNL $90
9 RobSutton $75

Oct. 25 $3,000 Freeroll - 100 players

Place Name Prize
1 Strict 9s $750
2 Yogsotot $465
3 The War Eagles $330
4 larry1301 $255
5 rcrowe4444 $210
6 marcos-greek $165
7 Javatinii $120
8 Rodrigo-A1 $90
9 AmateurJr $75

For your chance to participate in these special events for PokerListings players as well as many other things the poker site has to offer, visit full tilt.

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