Full Tilt Claims Deadline Passes, Payments Expected Mar. 31

Full Tilt Poker

Almost three years to the day their accounts were frozen and bankrolls seized American Full Tilt Poker players now know when to expect the money back in their hands.

Claims administrator the Garden City Group posted an update over the weekend which finally specified an expected date for payments: March 31, 2014.

According to the update on FullTiltPokerClaims.com:

"We are in the process of reviewing Petitions filed by Petitioners who confirmed their balances online and who have not disputed their FTP Account Balance or submitted multiple Petitions.

"We expect payments to be made with respect to such Petitions with confirmed balances by March 31, 2014."

Over 40,000 petitions were filed, the GCG says, with extensions only available to certain affected groups including former Full Tilt red pros and former affiliates.

Disputed Balances, Mutliple Petitions and Red Pros Considered

Erik Seidel
Seidel: Out of luck?

While the official remissions deadline of Nov. 16 passed on Saturday a few special groups will be granted extensions to pursue repayment.

Among them are former Full Tilt red pros who didn't play with funds provided by FTP along with affiliates looking to reclaim the portion of their balances unrelated to affiliate payments.

Out of luck appear to be the major Full Tilt Team Pros who derived the bulk of their bankrolls from company transfers:

"For players identified as Pros, it has been determined that the only Pros who will be deemed ineligible to participate in this remission process are Team Full Tilt players and other players who were playing with funds from FTP or who were compensated by FTP to play on the FTP site.

"GCG is working with the Government to review the status of players who have been designated as ineligible Pros. Once this review is completed, for any such players who are deemed to be eligible to participate, GCG will email the players to provide instructions regarding the Petition process.

"Such players will have 30 days from notification to submit a Petition. Please continue to check this website for updated information."

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