Six more events for FTOPS VIII

Erick Lindgren
Erick Lindgren was within striking distance of yet another final table at FTOPS VIII Event 7.

It's getting hard to keep track of all the poker going on at Full Tilt.

The incredibly busy online poker room hosted six FTOPS events over the span of three days and then announced a new $25,000 World Championship heads-up event.

Scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 24, the heads-up event will be hosted by none other than the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up poker champion, and Max Pescatori. Unfortunately Pescatori did not make the money, which started at 108th place, nor did any Full Tilt pro, for that matter. Instead it was online player whothedonk who made the biggest cash by taking down first place for $48,150.

Here's a look at the complete final-table results for Event 2:

1. whothedonk $48,150
2. gregguiche $30,495
3. hasuling $22,577
4. The_Dean221 $17,655
5. toksnokas $13,375
6. Tilted-Tony $9,630
7. Double 0 KC $6,420
8. Enyogo $4,815
9. Pokerfan X $3,424

FTOPS VIII Event 3 No-Limit Hold'em 3x Shootout $500+$35

FTOPS VIII Event 3 was hosted by David "The Dragon" Pham, who has been setting the live tournament world on fire the past couple of years and has gone deep in a mind-boggling number of tournaments. Pham hasn't yet had as much success in online poker, however, and Event 3 did not change that. On the other hand, fellow Full Tilt pro Erick Lindgren has numerous online cashes to his name and added another by coming in 46th in Event 3 for $1,530. Mike Matusow also cashed in the event, coming in 70th for $1,020.

Ultimately it was the awkwardly named BOP B 3AKOHE 1 who took down first place for a total of $76,545.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payouts for Event 3:

1. BOP B 3AKOHE 1 $76,545
2. Davidp18 $51,030
3. Bull1967 $36,450
4. BKiCe $27,337
5. rur11 $20,047
6. VBILLER $14,580
7. da Mom2 $10,206
8. Jaypahhee $6,925
9. Tridynamo $4,920

FTOPS VIII Event 4 $200+$16 Pot-Limit Hold'em

FTOPS VIII Event 4 was hosted by Marco Traniello and saw a total of 1,076 players get in on some Pot-Limit Hold'em action. In the end it came down to EMSBas and StellarCards who battled in heads-up play for first place. EMSBas was the last man standing and took home $48,420 as the result. Full Tilt pros Scott Fishman and Eddy Scharf also cashed in the event.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payouts for Event 4:

1. EMSBas $48,420
2. StellarCards $30,666
3. Kenny Rap $22,703
4. MissOldy $17,754
5. Ralphie4 $13,450
6. 1OutAllIn $9,684
7. PiMaster $6,456
8. Bonified $4,842
9. jumissa $3,443

FTOPS VIII Event 5 $200+$16 Stud/8

Stud tournaments usually draw fewer players than Hold'em and Event 5 was no exception. Jeff Madsen hosted but it was veteran player Berry Johnston who stole the show by coming in fourth place and cashing for $8,385. Not bad for a guy who had most of his WSOP bracelets before online poker even existed. Online player voguepergola placed first in the event and won $27,735.

Here are the complete final-table payouts for Event 5:

1. voguepergola $27,735
2. dman13 $19,092
3. nimbus $12,964
4. Berry Johnston $8,385
5. sillylife $5,289
6. I_wishbear $3,741
7. fan4mizzou $2,709
8. solohomer $1,818

FTOPS VIII Event 6 $500+$35 Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Max

Pot-Limit Omaha is usually the game of choice in Europe so it made sense that Italian wunderkind Dario Alioto hosted the event. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, the host didn't even get a taste of the money. Three Full Tilt pros did, however, as Scott Fischman came in 12th, Lee Watkinson 33rd and recent WPT World Champion David Chiu 43rd. Online player mmmadd took first place for $68,477.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payouts for Event 6:

1. mmmadd $68,477
2. scatterbrain123 $44,908
3. Kavin86 $32,264
4. Care4Nature $24,524
5. LokoIsBack $17,517
6. bd3109 $11,147

FTOPS VIII Event 7 $100+$9 No-Limit Hold'em Rebuy

Everybody loves No-Limit Hold'em with rebuys and a total of 1,811 players registered to play in Event 7, hosted by German Full Tilt pro Hans Martin Vogl.

The always-prevalent Erick Lindgren astonished railbirds yet again by nearly making the final table of another online event. Lindgren came in 13th and won a cool $4,532. Hey, that's one of his WSOP championship event buy-ins nearly paid for!

The big winner of the day was jornx who beat Sebop in heads-up play to take down a very impressive $102,249.

Here's a look at the complete final-table payouts for Event 7:

1. jornx $102,249
2. Sebop $63,007
3. ibleedbenjamins $41,452
4. butter435 $33,162
5. MB16021972 $25,424
6. Colonel Mustard $18,239
7. jarou $10,335
8. eisenhower1 $10,335
9. Ipchil $7,958

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