FSN to film "Poker Dome" series

Fox Sports Net (FSN) has announced it will produce and broadcast a 43-week "Poker Dome" series in a specially constructed, large dome on the Las Vegas Strip next year. The circuit event series will begin airing on May 15 and will offer first place winner a $1 million cash prize. The "Poker Dome" will be constructed in an unnamed Las Vegas hotel or mall to house the tournament event.

Hailed by organizers as a "Cone of Science," the dome will see participants competing at a table encased in one-way, mirrored glass with microphones everywhere. Fans seated around the dome will be able to watch the poker proceedings unfold without being seen or heard while the players' reactions and images are displayed on a massive video wall. Special cameras will be installed to capture the hole cards, and cards will be fitted with computer chips so the audience will know which cards are "mucked," or discarded.

The series will follow a speed poker format, with approximately 80 to 100 hands being played per hour as opposed to the normal 12 to 15. Players will have 15 seconds to make a move. If they are unable to make a decision before the allotted time period ends, their hand will be declared "dead." If there is no prior action, their hand will automatically be checked.

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