FSN "PokerDome" series halted by Nevada gambling board

Fox Sports Net (FSN) may not be permitted to host their new poker series, "PokerDome," at downtown Las Vegas' Neonopolis due to their failure to secure a gaming license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. According to reports, a spokesperson for FSN said last Thursday that the network did not need to secure a gaming license for the series because there is no money being wagered and it is free to qualify, thus contestants are essentially "playing for a prize."

The Gaming Control Board, however, defines poker as a gambling game and requires FSN to apply for a non-restricted gaming license, a permit the network will not likely qualify for due to a strict list of conditions the permit holder must meet in order to be eligible.

Applications for a gaming license generally take up to a year to process. In the meantime, the first tournament of the series is currently scheduled to run on May 20 and will be followed by a television broadcast on the following evening.

No further details were released on the issue at press time. It remains to be seen how the Gaming Control Board will proceed and if "Poker Dome" will indeed run.

Please see "PokerDome" Series To Launch On FSN for details on the "PokerDome."

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