Fronterhouse and Saris win big at WSOPC Indiana

Steve Saris
Steve Saris wins Event 7 at the WSOPC in Indiana.

The action continues from Indiana as the World Series of Poker is putting on quite a show during its circuit event at Caesars Indiana.

Event 6 drew 217 players with short-handed being the poker variation on tap. By the time the smoke cleared friendly 23-year-old Zac Fronterhouse was the only player still standing.

Fronterhouse faced Greg "Big G" Bowling in heads up play. Fronterhouse had a $365,000 to $285,000 chip lead and that must have seemed insurmountable to Bowling, a contractor and horse farm owner, because he quickly decided to make a deal. The two players were friendly toward each other and Bowling obviously respected the young poker player.

"I gave him a generous deal because he was much better than me, the best I've played with here, other than the name players," Bowling said. "His reads on me were great and I know he'll go places. It's a young man's game and I'm 40."

The deal meant that Fronterhouse, who is a self-proclaimed tournament specialist, took home a very reasonable $32,030 and a seat into the $5,000 Indiana main event. Bowling settled for $17,617.

Fronterhouse has been playing poker since he was 14 and there's no doubt that he will be seen on the poker circuit in the future. He talked a bit of strategy after his big win.

"I now how to apply pressure at the right time, when to switch, and how to minimize my losses and maximize my wins," he said.

The 2007 WSOPC Indiana very nearly had its first female addition to an open event final table but Rita Davison busted when her pocket eights were beaten by pocket queens.

Event 7 was the always popular Pot-Limit Omaha with re-buys. The event saw 52 players come out to test their poker chops and combined with 59 re-buys the prize pool shot up to $48,685.

In the end it was Steve "Virus" Saris who emerged victorious. Saris, a nightclub owner from Canton, Ohio, played well and hit some exceptional cards including quads and even a straight flush. Saris described his style as aggressive and action packed. It proved to be a winning combination at the Event 7 final table.

Saris came into the final table with $49,300 chips which was enough to put him in the middle of the pack. He still trailed Jeremy Kottler who had $75,400 and Rich Guthrie with $61,800.

In one of Saris's key hands early on he got all-in with A-A-10-3 on a board of 9 3 2 against two other players. An ace hit on the turn which was enough to give him the nut set and then a spade hit on the river to give him the nut flush. Saris eliminated two players in one fell swoop.

With four players left the table talk shifted to making a deal. Eventually the players decided to lock up $9,000.

Play continued and eventually Saris got heads-up against Kottler and the two players decided to go all-in every hand.

On the first hand dealt Saris had K 10 6 5 against Kottler's Q 10 4 2. The board went Q-J-8-K-8 which gave Saris a better two-pair and the overall win. Saris took home an official $17,527 for his efforts.

Keep checking for more updates from the WSOPC in the Hoosier state.

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