From 13BB to $82k: MicroMillions Pays Big, Mini WCOOP Next

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While $10k buy-ins and star-studded High Rollers draw a lot of attention in poker these days, the truth is that 99 per cent of all poker action happens at small stakes.

Even more accurately: The overwhelming majority of it happens at the microstakes of $5 and less.

So while the high-stakes world is relatively small, the microstakes world is literally gigantic and features millions of players from across the globe.

And when those microstakers all congregate in the same place, as they did last weekend on PokerStars, the return on investment can grow substantially.

That's what happened to 22-year-old JiiJay from Finland, who turned a late-reg $22 buy-in into an $82,000 payday.

90 Events, 65,000-Player Main Event

Now one of the busiest and most successful festivals on PokerStars, the 2016 MicroMillions wrapped its massive schedule of 90 events at the end of last month with the $1m guaranteed, $22 buy-in Main Event.


Over 65,000 players bought in to smash the guarantee and make for an unbelievable payday for the top 4 finishers.

After a four-way deal, each took home over $70,000.

The eventual winner was Finland's JiiJay, who turned a last-minute rebuy before late reg closed from 13 BB into an $82,173 payout.

"My other friends busted out earlier and went to sleep," the Finance Grad Student told the PokerStars blog.

"When they woke up the tournament was pretty deep, and they were just as excited as I was. They cheered and railed me for about last two hours or so, and when it was all over we were just like 'What the hell just happened?'" Read the full account of his win here.

Introducing the Mini-WCOOP!

With the massive and growing popularity of microstakes poker it was only a matter of time before it took its rightful place alongside PokerStars' signature festival.

A WCOOP for the rest of us.

For the first time ever in 2016 the new Mini-WCOOP will run alongside the famed World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) as a companion series.

Not technically part of WCOOP, the micro-to-low-stake series is its own independent series with buy-ins 1/100th and 1/1,000th of the buy-in WCOOP Events.

Mini-WCOOP buy-ins will range from $1.10 to $11 except for the Mini-WCOOP Main Event, which will be a $50 buy-in. A few limited satellites will also run to Mini-WCOOP events, which will run in the exact same formats and at the exact same days/times as the corresponding WCOOP Events.

The 2016 WCOOP runs from Sept. 4-26. Check the full 2016 WCOOP schedule here and sign-up for a new PokerStars account via PokerListings to play the 2016 Mini-WCOOP!

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