Fridtjov Såheim of Hit Series Lilyhammer Gets Paid at Battle of Malta

Fridtjov Såheim

If you know a bit about winter sports you should recognize the Norwegian city of Lillehammer, which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1994.

Over the past few years Lillehammer has also become famous for being the home of the TV series Lilyhammer.

The series is among the most popular on Netflix and created by American Steven Van Zandt, also known as the guitar player in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

Van Zandt plays the lead role of a former American mob boss, Frank Tagliano, who moves to Lillehammer - a place he remembers as an idyllic wonderland from the Winter Games in '94 - under the witness protection program.

His intention is to live a quiet life under his new name, Giovanni Henriksen, but he quickly returns to his old ways. Along the way he builds a relationship with an officious social worker, Jan Johansen, who's tasked with finding Tagliano/Henriksen a new job.

What does all this have to do with poker?

Fridtjov Såheim, who plays the role of Johansen, is an avid poker player and was a surprise guest at the 2014 Battle of Malta.

The Boss Appears, Season 3 Debuts Tomorrow

Expect to see The Boss on this season of Lilyhammer.

"I've played poker for many years," Såheim explained as he played deep into Day 2 at BOM, "but only with friends.

"Two years ago I decided to do it properly, so I started playing in clubs and tournaments. When I take something seriously, I do it 100 percent."

Whether his acting ability helped with his poker face or he's simpy a quick study, Såheim showed he has what it takes to run deep as he finished an impressive 29th (out of 1,447 entries) to cash for €3,300.

In the Norwegian championships earlier in the year he finished 64th

"Besides the Norwegian championships where I went deep, this is the biggest tournament I've played," Såheim said. "It's almost too much for me."

"I had not heard of the BOM and I've never been to Malta before. Now that I know more, I will definitely come back for the next Battle."

The third season of Lilyhammer, which is currently airing on Norwegian TV, debuts on Netflix tomorrow in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Latin America, Denmark and the Netherlands with a surprise performance from Bruce Springsteen himself.

More details on the upcoming season can be found on

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