Former WSOPC Winner Jejelowo Charging Hard on Main Event Day 3

AJ Jejelowo
A.J. Jejelowo

A.J. Jejelowo is exactly where he wants to be on Day 3 of the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

The former World Series of Poker Circuit winner was the first player to crack 700,000 chips in this year’s event and had a massive 725,000 stack on the dinner break.

“This is exactly the position I want to be in, playing with a lot of chips behind,” he said.

Although Jejelowo won the $10k WSOPC Regional Championship in New Orleans for $235,956 in 2011, he’s primarily a cash-game player so he’s used to sitting with a ton of chips.

“This way I can bob and weave and take advantage of the various options you have when you have a big stack,” he said.

Jejelowo, who hails from Houston, Texas, is not a professional poker player and works as a medical researcher and only plays tournaments on the weekend when he has time.

He’s yet to cash in the WSOP Main Event although he’s looking good to break that streak with his play on Day 3.

“I’ve played at the WSOP a couple times before,” explained Jejelowo. “It’s pretty overwhelming. I try to not stay out here the whole time. You have to be tenacious and be willing to sweat the burnout.”

Jejelowo was already one of the big stacks on Day 3 when he flopped a straight with 5-4 against another big-stacked opponent. Jejelowo made a huge bet on the river and his opponent called, only to see the nuts.

The hand catapulted him into the chip lead and he hasn’t let up since. At the time this article was published, just after the dinner break of Day 3, Jejelowo just won another huge pot to hit 850,000.

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