Fonz makes final five at Playboy tournament!

Not "the Fonz," unfortunately. Tom Fonz, Milwaukee's Best Light beer distributor. But he must have been a happy guy, regardless, as he outlasted Phil Gordon, Annie Duke, Phil Laak, and Jeff Madsen, among others, at the inaugural Milwaukee's Best Light/WSOP Playboy Charity Poker tournament.

Joe Reitman, the ex-husband of Shannon Elizabeth, was the tournament winner, outlasting Harrah's longtime tournament director Robert Daily for the right to a $10,000 joint charitable donation from Milwaukee's Best Light and the World Series of Poker.

And non-profit group Animal Avengers, an animal rescue non-profit he and Elizabeth founded, was the subsequent beneficiary, money-wise.

Thrill-wise, however, it had to be Fonz and the rest of the Milwaukee's Best Light beer distributors, as their parent company was kind enough to hold their annual party at the Playboy Mansion this year, surrounded by a star and bunny-packed Texas Hold'em tournament.

Two distributors were even given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete against the all-star poker lineup, with Eric Dowling sadly making an early exit, and the real Fonz making his way to the final five players.

Celebrities he passed along the way: Gordon, Duke, Robert Williamson III, Laak, Jamie Gold, Jennifer Tilly, Playboy Playmates Deanna Brooks and Julie Cialini, Los Angeles ESPN radio hosts David Singer and Kevin Kiley, and actors Shannon Elizabeth and C. Thomas Howell.

"Milwaukee's Best Light and Playboy are a perfect partnership since both brands promote men acting like men," said Chad Dern, brand manager.

"Throwing a party at the Playboy Mansion for the top Milwaukee's Best Light distributors is the ultimate reward, and then giving two of them a chance to play poker against some of the best pros was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them."

Confirmation is still to come, but job applications at Milwaukee's Best are expected to rise substantially.

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