Flipout Tournaments Coming to Full Tilt Poker

Gus Hansen
It's flippin' time!

Full Tilt Poker is making painful money bubbles a thing of the past with new a new concept where the bubble bursts just minutes after the tournament begins.

Flipout tournaments are a cross between shootouts and FTP’s luck-based flip tournaments.

In a Flipout event everyone is all-in blind on the first hand but then it switches to a regular-style freeze out from there. Everyone who survives the first hand is in the money.

It’s obviously a gambling-charged hybrid but the advantage is that after the flip stage there should be some very soft spots in the tournament as theoretically the weaker players haven’t been weeded out in the earlier stages of the event.

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Flipout Festival to Offer $25k in Added Cash

Flipout tournaments can be played 9-handed, 6-handed or 4-handed and in some of the tournaments winning your initial flip will earn you a place at the final table.

The concept goes live tomorrow with Full Tilt launching a Flipout Festival with 108 tournaments and $25,000 in added prize money.

The festival will also include a few freeroll tournaments to help players adjust to the new format.

To learn more or sign up for the site be sure to swing by our Full Tilt Poker review.

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