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It's the weekend - why not spend it making some extra cash at's upcoming tournaments? Saturday and Sunday the site has got you covered with big prizes and plenty of ways to get to at them.

On Saturday, hosts its weekly World Series of Poker promotion, where players can win one of the site's finals to compete in the Main Event this July.

The prize is any poker player's dream: a $15,500 package that includes a shot a millions and a championship title, as well as a trip to Vegas to stay at Caesars Palace and $500 in spending money.

To win a Team final, you can buy in directly or win a ticket by playing in a qualifying tournament.

This week's WSOP online final is at 3 p.m. (EST) tomorrow. The buy-in is $650+$5 for the 100-player maximum event.

On both Saturday and Sunday, is also offering its biggest event. The Grand Tournaments feature a $1,000+$40 buy-in or you can get in for just $1+10¢ through a daily qualifier.

But if you want to play this weekend, you're going to have to put up the dough. The Grand XII starts Saturday at 7 p.m. (GMT) for six and a half hours and resumes at the same time Sunday until a winner is determined.

Stacks start at $10,000, with blinds increasing every 30 minutes.

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