FIDPA endorses World Poker Congress

Marcel Luske
Marcel Luske will speak on behalf of the FIDPA at the World Poker Congress.

The Federation Internationale de Poker Association recently announced that it was endorsing the 2008 World Poker Congress organized by Clarion Gaming.

The World Poker Congress is scheduled for Oct. 29-30 in Budapest, Hungary. This is the third annual WPC, which is the only event that takes a look at the connections between the land-based and online poker industries.

Experts from both industries will be speaking at the conference on a wide range of topics. Participants will also have the opportunity to review current efforts to dovetail land-based and online poker products.

Along with the organization's endorsement, FIDPA will provide WPC attendees with information and insight on how to better connect casinos, cardrooms, events and organizations in order to increase participation and ensure the game of poker is played with fairness on a global level.

Professional poker players Marcel Luske and Michelle Lau will be speaking on behalf of FIDPA in regards to the importance of "The International Poker Rules" and the benefits of adopting, adhering and implementing the rules as a set of standardized rules, for both the players and the industry.

"The WPC is a perfect example of FIDPA's mission to promote poker on a global level by uniting the Queens, Kings and Jacks of the Poker World. FIDPA is making great progress; with the recent endorsement of Bellagio, the poker industry has welcomed FIDPA and the IP rules with open arms and open minds," Lau said.

"The WPC is an event that can surely help spread our mission in having a base set of standardized poker rules and ensuring the game is played in an enjoyable, player-friendly environment and under fair conditions."

Lau and Luske will be on hand at the WPC to introduce the International Poker Rules to the members of the European Casino Association, answer questions and speak about how to promote poker as a fair and enjoyable game.

They will also participate in the "Hearing from the Players Themselves" breakout session, which will have a mix of professional and amateur players discussing their likes and dislikes as well as what makes poker rooms and online poker sites stand out to players.

"In order to take the steps and make the changes necessary for the growing poker industry, events like the WPC are essential. The WPC brings together the casinos, card rooms, leading industry professionals and the players, onto one playing field, seated side-by-side," said Luske.

"The lines of communication across the seas and the tables must be open in order to grow, improve and learn from each other. The WPC is an event that can help with this challenge."

FIDPA uses its endorsement program to recognize casinos, cardrooms, events and organizations that unite and strengthen the poker industry on a global level. An endorsement from the group is also an acknowledgement of the leaders in the industry and their commitment to professionalism, their contributions to the growth of poker and their dedication to operating with fairness. Those who support and implement the International Poker Rules are also eligible for FIDPA endorsement.

"WPC is a unique platform for discussion of exactly these types of issues facing poker businesses and players, so we're thrilled to have the participation and endorsement of FIDPA - to foster those discussions and ultimately, the solutions that allow poker's growth and expansion," said Dawn Kirkwood, Clarion Gaming head of conferences - Americas.

Other industry leaders slated to attend the WPC are Steve Lipscomb, World Poker Tour founder and CEO; Chris Parker, CEO of Asian Poker Tours; Matt Savage, of Savage Tournaments; Marco Deen and Norbert Muller, both specialists in project management with Holland Casino; and members of the European Casino Association.

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