Ferguson Files New Motions to Reclaim Full Tilt Assets

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson files motions arguing that funds seized by the Department of Justice actually belongs to Full Tilt Poker players.

Chris Ferguson filed new motions Monday, seeking to regain control of bank accounts totaling at least $294 million and add a new out-of-state lawyer to his defense team

Ferguson, who filed the documents with the United States District Court of Southern New York, is acting on behalf of the companies that comprise Full Tilt Poker, including Tiltware LLC, Pocket Kings Ltd, Vantage LTD, Kolyma Corporation A.V.V. and Filco Ltd.

The documents outline accounts and amounts seized by the Department of Justice, and claim that Full Tilt’s companies have legal right to the assets under the Supplemental Rules for Admiralty and Maritime Claims.

They go on to specify that the accounts contain funds deposited by Full Tilt Poker players and funds that were in the process of being returned to Full Tilt Poker players.

There are numerous individual documents, corresponding to Full Tilt’s numerous companies. An example of one of the motions can be found here. All the Black Friday legal documents filed so far can be found here.

While the majority of the documents seek to regain control of seized assets, one seeks to add a new lawyer to Ferguson’s defense team.

Ian J. Imrich, a Los Angeles based lawyer, will have to be admitted pro hac vice should he join Ferguson’s defense, since he is not licensed to practice law in the State of New York.

Pro hac vice, Latin for “for this occasion”, allows out-of-state lawyers to practice law in a certain jurisdiction on a temporary basis.

In his application to grant Imrich this special authorization, Ferguson’s lawyer Jonathan Harris vouches for Imrich’s standing and ability, saying, “I have found Mr Imrich to be a skilled attorney and a person of integrity.”

Harris also pointed to Imrich’s familiarity with federal practice and the Federal Rules of Procedure as reasons for allowing his involvement.

For ongoing updates on everything related to Full Tilt Poker and Black Friday, keep an eye on PokerListings.com’s Black Friday Bulletin Board.

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