Feldman rules Poker Den endurance test

Andrew Feldman

Poker Den: The Big Game III wrapped up last week and the results are in.

A contingent of 21 players put up at least $10,000 each and matched wits for 36 hours in front of the cameras for a show to be televised at a later date.

The game kicked off at 2 p.m. on Sept. 30 and finished up at 9 p.m. the next day. Nobody lasted for the entire duration, but Phil Laak did log a 23-hour session after showing up at 10 p.m. the first night.


In play to juice things up a bit throughout The Big Game III were the "Party Pots," a single hand selected each hour that had $1,000 thrown in by PartyPoker.

Neil Channing took down the first, worth $29,000, holding 6-5 against David Williams' 3-2. Channing would take down more than his fair share of Party Pots over the course of the game, helping him to cash out $6,450 in the black after buying in for a total of $60,000.

Televised poker always has its surprises, and the Poker Den's chief unexpected point came from Bodo Sbrzesny of Germany. Sbrzesny, who played in the game thanks to winning a cash game VIP rake race on PartyPoker, held his own and then some against his better-known competition.

The German newcomer more than doubled his buy-in and took down not one but two pots with 7-2 offsuit, better known as "The Hammer." That feat got the rest of the table to offer $200 each to anyone who won a pot with the Hammer.

When the game was done, two players stood head and shoulders above the rest of the field. The ever-telegenic Robert Williamson III grabbed the biggest net profit of the game's 21 participants, dragging in $63,675 more than his buy-ins. Andrew Feldman's take was only a few drops in the bucket less than Williamson's at $63,350, despite his getting stuck in traffic on his way to the game.

On the other end of the spectrum there was Sammy George. Despite jumping out of the gate and being up as much as $50,000 at one point, George dropped $78,425 - more than anyone else in the game.

Roland De Wolfe wasn't too far behind George, dropping a total of $50,000. He had a good shot at walking with a small profit toward the end of the game when he flopped a set of fives and got his money in on the turn, but Joshua Landis' open-ended straight draw came home on the river to claim the $55,000 pot.

Others who lost their cash in The Big Game III were 2004 WSOP Main Event runner-up David Williams, William Martin, Alex Roumeltiotis, Joel Nordkist and Ilios Kamatakis.

Poker Den: The Big Game III will be distributed worldwide after it airs on the U.K.'s Five channel next year.

Final Results:

  • Andrew Feldman: +$63,350
  • Robert Williamson III: +$63,675
  • Richard Wheatley: +$41,025
  • Phil Laak: +$22,325
  • Bodo Sbrzesny: +$22,850
  • Jennifer Tilly: +$12,550
  • Chris Smith: +20,000
  • Juha Helppi: +$15,775
  • Roberto Romanello: +$14,400
  • Ian Frazer: +$8,550
  • Neil Channing: +$6,450
  • Joshua Landis: +$2,524
  • Ilios Kamatakis: -$10,000
  • Barny Boatman: -$11,000
  • Joel Nordkist: -$15,800
  • Chris Parker: -$31,450
  • Alex Roumeltiotis: -$25,150
  • David Williams: -$40,000
  • William Martin: -$40,000
  • Roland De Wolfe: -$50,000
  • Sammy George: -$78,425

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