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With a background in social and sports psychology, Ronnie spent the last nine years as a brick-and-mortar grinder, perfecting his No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha tournament prowess, before jumping to the PokerListings team full time in 2007.

“Perfecting” may be a bit generous, however, as some of his poker adversaries have described him as “the best consistent losing player the game has ever seen.” Nonetheless, Ronnie hasn’t let the acclaim go to his head and he continues to analyze, criticize, ostracize, demoralize, internalize and supersize his own losing sessions with reckless abandon.

Ronnie enjoys reading and writing about the game as much as he does playing it, if not more, and poker’s loss was definitely PokerListings’ gain. Since taking some time away from the felt to pursue his “other” career aspiration, he has become a virtual encyclopedia of poker-related tidbits, anecdotes, strategy secrets and hijinks - all of which you’ll find regularly in his blog.