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Lars is a Stockholm-based writer with a master’s degree in mathematics and language studies under his belt. He has always been keenly interested in games, and online poker immediately captured him when he discovered it in April 2003.

“Poker isn’t just one of the best games out there; it also lends itself to various kinds of mathematical treatment - an added plus!” says Lars.

While he usually tends to jump from ice floe to ice floe when it comes to passions, poker has remained an unusually stable part of Lars’ leisure time since he first sat down at Paradise Poker.

“I believe I understand poker well and think I’m a decent opponent, but I’m no way near being a poker millionaire… yet,” he told PokerListings.com.

His blog will be dealing with poker from the perspective of an educated science guy strongly influenced by renowned poker authors like Sklansky and Harrington. Among other things, he will discuss hands he’s played in Hold’em and Omaha.