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Whether it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) or a poker table, the name Jennicide is often recognized, and sometimes feared. And those who don’t fear the name probably should. Her beauty and genuine, sweet-hearted demeanor can add up to her being an insidious threat to those who let their guard down.

Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh has always been competitive, loves video games, and enjoys blurring the boundaries of things traditionally considered “manly activities.” Thus, her transition from MMORPGs to online poker was a natural one, and she proved her poker chops from early on. She also has graced the pages of Playboy as the May 2008 celebrity feature centerfold and has been featured in FHM.

Online, Leigh has booked countless final tables and wins. During the first week of September 2006, she killed, reaching the final table of the $200 PokerStars Sunday event, finishing fourth out of 5,699 players for more than $45,000. A week later, she took down a $100 buy-in at PokerStars for $5,400. The beautiful 23-year-old was on a roll. Although Jennifer loves entertainment of all kind, poker is her game.

Her live cashes include 18th in the 2006 World Series of Poker $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em event for $16,832, 42nd at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure for $13,500, and 45th in the recent World Poker Tour Legends of Poker for $15,530.

Still, the Internet is where Jennifer feels most at home… although she is eager to play more in the brick-and-mortar realm to focus on her live game.

Be forewarned: the high-limit cash games on the net are her stomping grounds.

“One of my biggest achievements is being a well-rounded player” says Leigh, “being able to be diversified and open myself up. From my experience, playing only tournaments is the ultimate grind. For me, the limit cash games lower the variance in between multi-table tournaments. Playing many variations of poker is very important, even starting out.”

Away from the poker table, you can find Jennifer traveling around the U.S. and internationally, shopping, socializing at some of the hottest night clubs and playing video games of all kind. She is certainly a chameleon!