Featured Authors Articles Henrik Nilsson-Dahlbom

Henrik Nilsson-Dahlbom has written for major Swedish newspapers and magazines on topics such as movies and travel. He was also part of the team that launched the first poker magazine in Sweden, where he worked until he started writing about poker online two years ago.

He fell in love with the game of poker when he was in the seventh grade. "We were a bunch of guys playing poker for nickels and dimes in the school's science lab in between classes. The game was Five-Card Draw, which was the only poker type we knew existed back then." After that, he played poker off and on through high school and university - with varying results. But it wasn't until 2002 when he discovered Texas Hold'em that he started to take the game of poker really seriously.

Henrik read everything he could get his hands on about this exciting new game and started playing play-money sitand-gos online. "The first times I made real deposits I lost it all, but after a while I started to do really well in the sit-and-gos and my bankroll began to grow." Since then poker has been a significant part of his income during some periods. But playing poker can be a bumpy ride and he has also spent months away from the table when he felt he needed a break.

In his spare time Henrik enjoys skydiving, popular culture and riding his bike.

Today he is mainly a cash game player and can be found at the short-handed mid-stakes Omaha and Hold'em tables online. His game of choice is Omaha.