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Ed Sevillano grew up on the mean streets of Lexington, Massachusetts, a small suburb a few miles outside the great city of Boston. Coming out of high school he shipped off to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado. After returning back to Boston for a short stint at Boston University he decided it was time to roll the dice, relocating to Las Vegas.

Finishing up at UNLV Ed decided he would take the route most traveled by University students and spend his time doing anything but what he had studied for. Ed makes his living grinding at the low limits online, multi-tabling any site that will let him play.

He has busted out of his fair share of live and online tournaments of all sizes. When he’s not playing he likes to travel wherever his wallet will allow and, of course, cover poker tournaments.

Ed got his start in poker journalism when he was the only reporter given unlimited access to Daniel Negreanu’s heads-up matches at the Wynn. There was a time when Negreanu would play a freezeout with anybody in the world at any game they wished as long as they brought $10,000. Though Ed only had a chance to cover one of these heads up matches before the deal fell through that was all it took; He had been bitten by the reporting bug.

Ed has covered his fair share of Las Vegas tournaments but is very happy to have finally hit the big time with PokerListings.com. His favorite part of the job is being able to capture the perfect action shot and story that goes with it.