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Chris was bitten by the poker bug like the vast majority of Brits, watching Late Night Poker on Channel 4 on a Friday night back in the 1990's, mainly because cider drinking on a park bench with other fifteen year-olds had a nasty habit of making him throw up regularly.

Back then it was a very different time to now, Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough had brown hair, Simon Trumper had hair and Phil Hellmuth wore a suit and never spoke. Those peaceful days seem a long way away now...

After dabbling in some smaller stakes tournaments, he won a large online tournament complete with a week’s holiday at the Wynn in Vegas, where he was lucky enough to experience the purest form of pleasure – having a shower while watching Wimbledon thanks to a cleverly placed TV in the bathroom.

Chris has covered poker tournaments around Europe on the EPT and as we all as the glamorous locations of Bolton, Walsall and Luton in the UK. (If you're not British, please re-read the last part of that sentence with a laconic tone to understand, or go and visit them... On second thought, do the former). Having been around for that long and not gone mad, he now can recognize on sight (and in some cases smell) the vast majority of Europe's poker elite from spotty shellsuit-wearing Scandies to the French and British 'Old Guard'.

Like all true Euro-donks, Chris' preferred variant is Pot-Limit Omaha, usually either $1/$2 or $2/$4 which he habitually multi-tables on his days off. Because of this he's most looking forward to the Omaha events at this year’s WSOP and is hoping for the spectacular(ly awful) play that makes it the most fun game to play and watch.

Outside of poker, his interests confirm that he is truly English, as his hobbies include binge-drinking, binge-eating and hooliganism. He also hates Richard Curtis.