Featured Authors

You be hard pressed to find a more diverse or more qualified team to provide you with daily, weekly and stand-alone poker content than the 30+ featured authors of PokerListings.com

Drawing from a wide international background and a ton of different life skills the PokerListings Team does have one big thing in common - a huge love for the game of poker.

Or in-house reporting team is headed by Editor-in-Chief Matt Showell, Senior Writer Arthur Crowson and Managing Editor Christopher Hunt.

Our international editorial team - some of whose names you'll find here - cover over a dozen countries and a wide range of poker expertise in their own right.

Over the years we've incorporated blogs from some of the biggest names in poker including PokerStars pro Jason Mercier, Matt Stout, JC Alvarado, Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh, Lacey Jones and more.

We've also tapped the minds of some of poker's best writers including the legendary Nolan Dalla, Arthur Reber and Jason Kirk. Below you'll find the full list of our featured authors along with links to their personal bios for more information.

Not all bloggers are currently active but you'll still find a wealth of useful knowledge and enjoyable poker anecdotes in their published work.