Fast-Talking Will Kassouf Wins €532k on Night Before Own Birthday

Published on 21 December 2016 by Pokerlistings 1232
British poker player Will Kassouf, one of the most-talked-about parts of this year's WSOP, is celebrating his birthday this year with the biggest poker score of his career. Kassouf satellited into the €10,300 EPT Prague High Roller event for just €1,600 and ended up winning over half a million euros! Ultimately though, it was an unusual deal that saw Kassouf claim his first major title. Out-chipped 4 to 1, Kassouf was heads-up with Canadian Patrick Serda and agreed to a deal that awarded Serda €719k while Kassouf took €532,500 and the the official first place honors. Kassouf has earned scores of fans and haters for his antics at the World Series of Poker, including a controversial penalty during a hand against Stacey Matuson and his dramatic elimination at the hands of Griffin Benger that quickly became the year's most-watched poker hand. Watch the latest video update from for the whole story.

William Kassouf earned his nickname “The King of Speech Play” with a deep televised run in this year's World Series of Poker Main Event and he just scored an even bigger prize by chopping the EPT Prague High Roller.

It was Kassouf's biggest poker score ever and to make it even better, it happened on the eve of his own birthday.

The buy-in to the High Roller was €10,000 but according to his Twitter account, Kassouf satellited in for just €1,600.

Kassouf made it through the 407-person field and got heads-up with Canadian Patrick Serda, and he ended up making an unusual deal to finish the tournament.

Kassouf agreed to take €532,500, giving Serda €719,000, on the condition that Kassouf would officially take first place and the trophy.

Kassouf has been conspicuously absent from Twitter since the win but Serda tweeted

Took €719k and 2nd place. Congrats to William Kassouf on winning the last ever EPT HR!”

Kassouf has been a hot topic in the poker world thanks to his antics at the WSOP, including a controversial penalty for what he called “Speech play” in a hand against Stacy Matuson, and his dramatic elimination by Griffin Benger in what became by far the most-watched hand of the year.

A lot of people believe the poker world needs more interesting characters like William Kassouf and after this recent win it's more likely than ever we'll continue to see him playing, and talking, in more big events.

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