Familiar faces hang tough at Grand Prix de Paris

Freddy Deeb

It may not be a World Poker Tour televised event this year, but the Grand Prix de Paris at the Aviation Card Club de Paris is still pulling in some big names who are also sitting pretty at the top of the chip leaderboard.

Freddy Deeb have both been lurking at the top of the leaderboard and are sitting well after days 1a, 1b and 2 have played out and three more days left to play.

Other pros who made the trek but are now out include Dave Colclough, Sorel Mizzi and Mads Anderson.

The prize pool this year came out to €1.3 million, a little more than half of what it was the previous year when the Grand Prix was a WPT event. However, it is still more than the initial year the Grand Prix was added to the WPT.

The winner this year will receive €422,560, with the top 18 players getting paid.

The WPT does hope to be able to return to France for events later in the year. In their initial announcement to WPT players that they wouldn't be a part of the Grand Prix de Paris, the organization said:

"We continue to work with Parisian officials to obtain permission to film at the Aviation Club at a later date. We have a great relationship with the WPT Charter Member Casino and look forward to resuming our tour stops in France."

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