Extreme poker at new heights down under

Extreme Poker

Home player Hugo Asenjo won the Extreme Poker tournament in Sydney, Australia. Six players fought it out at No-Limit Texas Hold'em, all the while threatened by elimination, which meant a 90-meter high dive.

The fourth international Extreme Poker event took place on a platform suspended 90 meters (98 yards) above the Pacific Ocean outside of Sydney. Six local poker players accepted the high-level challenge, and five of them had to make the hazardous dive when their cards didn't hold up.

With four players down, Sydney resident Hugo Asenjo went into the heads-up against Andrew Cha Cha holding 90% of the chips and soon sent Cha Cha waltzing in thin air.

Asenjo, on the contrary, will be sent to the Caribbean for the Extreme Poker finals in December to go up against other recent Extreme Poker finalists as well as earlier winners, including Robert Varkonyi, Juha Helppi, Nick Grudzien and Fredrik Haugen.

Previous flights of the Extreme Poker concept have seen poker players playing cards underwater, outside in arctic temperatures and on a plane over Vegas.

"Sydney has been the most extreme game yet, and exactly what I had expected from a country that invented extreme sports," said Extreme Poker founder Peter Marcus.

"We're definitely coming back next year. We just need to find the challenge. And we would love ideas from the public, which can be registered at www.extremepoker.com."

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