Extreme Poker a real cliffhanger

Extreme Poker

In Extreme Poker players have been underwater, jumped out of planes and played in the frigid Arctic. Now they'll be going Down Under to Sydney, Australia, where the game will be played while hanging over the edge of a cliff Oct. 4.

At North Head, Manly, a poker table will be suspended from the cliffs above the jagged shore and the Pacific Ocean 90 meters (98 yards) below.

"Concentration in this game will be near impossible as the rules are simple; lose the game and there is only one way off the table - via the 'express elevator' down to the sea below," says Extreme Poker in a press release.

The winner, however, will be jetted off to St. Kitts in the Caribbean for some sun and sand and another test of his poker skills in the Extreme Poker Underwater Finals in December.

The first Extreme Poker event was an underwater event as well in the Caribbean Sea where if you ran out of air you busted out of the game. The second event was chosen by the winner of the first, and players ended up in the Arctic Circle facing -30°C temperatures.

The third event was played in the heat of Las Vegas in an airplane. Once players were out of the game, the only way out was to jump from the plane.

"Syndey will prove the most challenging poker game ever with endurance, ability and nerves all being put to the test," said Peter Marcus, Extreme Poker creator.

In the past, professional poker players joined in the Extreme Poker game with other players getting a chance to win their way into these extreme games.

This time around, it's an all-Aussie table as six qualifiers from the country compete. Australia has seen the popularity of poker skyrocket since fellow Aussie Joe Hachem won the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2005.

It may not be the Rio in Las Vegas, but the six players will still take to the felt and test their poker knowledge as well as their fear of heights in North Head.

"Extreme Poker is aimed to test the physical and mental limits of even the most seasoned pub poker player and takes the much-loved game of Texas Hold'em to heart racing and exhilarating frontiers," said Marcus.

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