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Exclusive Phil Ivey Coverage from WPT Five Diamond

Created By: Matthew Showell
04 December 2010
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Phil Ivey

People love Phil Ivey. There’s no doubt about it. When Ivey makes a play, people wonder what he was holding. When he hits the casino, people wonder how much he lost. When he orders lunch, people wonder what condiments he likes on his sandwich.

Today we’re going to answer those questions once and for all with our exclusive Phil Ivey live tournament coverage.

By exclusive we mean that we’re only going to cover Phil Ivey. When Ivey folds 12 hands in a row and then picks up the blinds, we’re going to report on it. If he breaks the silence with a few words of wisdom, we’re going to report on it.

We’ll interview other players at his table and if they try to talk about non-Ivey related subjects we’ll cut them off.

We’re pretty confident Ivey’s going to make the final table here at the WPT Five Diamond and when he does we’ll have a detailed look at how he got there.

Some might call it crazy to fly all the way to Las Vegas just to cover one player, ignoring the hundreds of others. We might be inclined to agree with that if the one player wasn’t Phil Ivey.

Click through here and follow Phil Ivey’s progress live from the WPT Bellagio Five Diamond.

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thcdegree 2010-12-06 17:29:33

sick idea actually. Maybe durrrr next?