Evidence revealed in Oklahoma Elks Lodge gambling case

The search warrant issued for the raid of the Chickasha Elks Lodge Sept. 6 was unsealed Tuesday revealing some of the evidence accumulated during the year-long investigation into illegal gambling at the establishment. The warrant and raid resulted in the arrest of the Grady County Sheriff, a sheriff's deputy, and two police officers in connection with illegal gambling on the premises.

Sheriff Kieran McMullen, his wife Police Lt. Helen McMullen, Police Officer Jerry Don Tyler, and Sheriff's Deputy Robert Clinton Cacy each face felony counts of conspiracy, conducting illegal gambling, and being engaged in illegal gambling as a peace officer.

An affidavit for the search warrant alleges that the Elks Lodge had a room set aside to be used for illegal gambling, and that law enforcement officers were regularly present to control who went into that room.

Sheriff McMullen denied knowing of illegal games and payouts after the raid, but he was recorded on video and audio surveillance at the establishment and making incriminating statements. In one instance, it is alleged he was recorded making the statement "It's a good thing I make enough money between my retirement and my Sheriff's pay to pay that freaking bill," after discovering his wife wasn't playing the poker machine at the time.

His wife Lt. McMullen and Cacy have also allegedly been caught on tape playing the machines and discussing how to play the games and how payouts worked. Some of the discussions took place right in front of the Sheriff as well.

The affidavit also talks about illegal poker tournaments and other illegal gambling activities in the lodge. There is also a claim that Sheriff McMullen received a phone call alerting him to a pending inspection by the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission, and he helped cover up illegal activity to prevent agents from discovering it.

The claims in the warrant are based on audio and video surveillance by confidential informants used in the course of the investigation.

For more information about the raid, please read Oklahoma Sheriff, Other Law Officers Accused of Illegal Gambling.

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