Everest Poker dishes out $100k, WSOPE seats

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Pocketjoe reigned supreme at the multilingual love-in that was Everest Poker's weekly $100,000 guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em tournament Sunday.

The Dutch player was just one of 800 competitors from Europe, Asia and North and South America who tried for a piece of this week's pie. For his efforts Pocketjoe earned the biggest slice: $21,000 for the first-place win.

"This proves that Everest Poker is the premiere online destination for multilingual poker players," said the site's property manager Jonathan May in a release.

A multinational crowd is typical for the poker room's weekly tournament, held Sundays at 2:30 p.m. (GMT).

The Aug. 19 winners are as follows:

Place Player Country Prize
1. Pocketjoe the Netherlands $21,000
2. ...sogge... Germany $9,000
3. Supertomte Sweden $9,000
4. cuco49 Germany $7,000
5. JeanFabrice $5,000 Sweden
6. samoth..... France $3,000
7. ganotec Canada $1,750
8. KN49TR the Netherlands $1,500
9. bandito000 Argentina $1,250

"As you can see, Everest Poker's multinational poker community came in full force with this tournament," May said. "We work hard to foster an environment where players can not only learn how to play poker, but experience poker culture at its finest."

In addition to the regular $100k tournament, the site also featured a special offering of World Series of Poker Europe seats. Five players won spots at the upcoming tournament in London and the opportunity to sport Everest Poker gear at the inaugural European event.

The WSOPE seats went to Breizatao, Patetdelph and jujumalo of France, fredpok69 of Belgium and Viktor of the Netherlands.

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