Everest Poker surveys European poker community

The European market is a hot commodity in the poker world, and Everest Poker is doing its best to find out who those players are and meet their needs. To do so, the poker site hired a research company to survey European poker players, and it released the results Friday.

The research company, Jupiter Research, surveyed nearly 2,000 consumers in France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain and Italy to help Everest Poker learn more about Europe's poker community.

Most of the results weren't all that surprising. Poker remains a predominantly male game in Europe with more than 70% of online and offline poker players falling into that gender category.

According to the survey, the average European poker player is a male, aged 25-34, and earns less than €35,000 per year.

The industries in which the respondents work vary between countries. In France, 7% work in the professional and consulting industry, while 7% of Dutch players and 18% of Swedish players work in education.

In Spain, 11% of poker players work in the travel, recreation and hospitality sector, and in Italy, 5% work in retail.

Also confirming a survey recently done by eCommerse Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), Everest Poker's survey showed that most European consumers play for fun.

Their survey showed that online poker players play an average of four times per month, with nearly 40% playing on a weekly basis, mostly in the evenings or weekends. The players were also motivated by the entertainment of playing poker rather than by the need to win money.

An average 75% of the respondents said they played poker because it's a fun game, and in France, Sweden and Germany, that was actually how more than 80% of players responded.

Many also gave reasons such as the accessibility of poker rooms to explain why they play and also because the Internet gave them a chance to compete against others and improve their skills. Only 28% of those surveyed listed making money as their reason.

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