Everest Poker sends 25 to Paris Open

There will be no shortage of players in Everest Poker shirts this weekend at the Aviation Club de France in Paris. Satellite qualifiers from the poker site filled up a full two and a half tables in the club after 25 players earned seats in the Paris Open of Poker at Everest Poker.

The €2,000 No-Limit Hold'em main event of the Paris Open shuffled up yesterday at the "true home of poker in France," and Everest Poker was proud to announce a list of 25 of their players in the hunt for the title.

The 25 qualified either in low-cost satellite tournaments or bought in to one of the direct entry events, with Everest Poker awarding one $3,500 prize package for every 35 participants.

When the cards finally settled from the final No-Limit qualifier, the following players earned seats for this weekend's Open:

titoons, tintin95, MBoombastic, DoubleF, blackcrack, Laguinch, djuthebest, sticmi, filelfo, Sanka_, bossas, pitch63, henri@henri, chris971, stephanepok, POMPOUI, etche33, macloca , jeffonx, Viiisarv, Aasisdebaas, vogelgerd , Massimijhno , erikzamboer, and de_banaan.

"We're always eager to send our players (to the Aviation Club) for a tournament," said Jonathan May, Everest Poker property manager, "and it's quite a list this time!"

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