Everest Poker announces $1 million guaranteed tournament

The rumblings at Everest Poker indicate the possibility of an avalanche - one that's made of cold hard cash rather than snow. January will see the start of the Everest Poker Avalanche, which will include live and online poker tournaments.

"This is our biggest event yet, and I'm tremendously excited to roll it out and see what happens," said Jonathan May, Everest Poker property manager.

Over the span of nine months, players at Everest Poker can partake in the tournament which has a three-round structure allowing players at all levels to join in.

The Round 1 satellites are for the players with small bankrolls who are looking for little risk to join in the fun. The buy-ins during the first round are $3+30¢ or $11+$1.

Round 1 satellites run daily and will feed winners into the daily Round 2 satellites.

The second round satellites take the buy-ins up a notch and, according to Everest Poker, are ideal for players who are confident in their poker skills and wish to save time. Buy-ins during this round are $56+$5.

These satellites will feed players into the monthly satellite of Round 3 where they can play their way into the finale.

For players that don't have the patience to work their way up through the rounds, they can try a monthly Round 3 satellite for a $530+$30 buy-in or go straight to the Avalanche Finale for $5,000+$300.

The finale will play out online Sept. 17 at 3 p.m. (GMT) and play down to 10 final players.

"That's when the real fun starts," May said. "The 10 finalists from this win a trip to play the live final table at a secret location, where their share of the $1 million awaits them."

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