Event 8 of FTOPS V belongs to Kiajessie

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson cashed in FTOPS Event 8

Another day, another FTOPS Champion. For a time it appeared that Team Full Tilt's own Chris "Jesus" Ferguson was a virtual lock to win the tournament but in the end it was Kiajessie who took home first place.

Ferguson was fighting for the chip lead all day long and came very close to securing a spot at the final two tables but as fate would have it he was forced to push all-in with a nominal hand and busted out 20th. Host Stuart Paterson did not make it into the cash.

Kiajessie entered the final table as the chip leader with $700,160 in chips. At the opposite end was bayne_s who had $7,279, which wasn't enough for the big blind. Suffice it to say bayne_s was the first to go and finished ninth.

cashnotax was the next to go when his King-high straight fell to Ditka89's Ace-high straight. Ditka89 raked $350,000 in the hand and overtook Kiajessie as the chip leader. It was not to last, however. Ditka89 missed some massive draws and all of a sudden found himself the short stack. The next thing you knew Ditka89 got scooped on one hand and was busted from the tournament seventh. Easy come, easy go.

Play continued rolling along with Gunslinger3 busted by Kiajessie in sixth and SDLARRY was taken down by AD-Stars22 in fifth.

AD-Stars22 was on a hot streak as he rolled out the wheel to bust Adar out in fifth. Unfortunately his luck ran out after that hand. AD-Stars22 busted third when his pocket aces fell to Kiajessie's two-pair.

It was on to heads-up play with Kiajessie versus muckmehard for the title of FTOPS champion. muckmehard carried the chip lead with two million compared to Kiajessie's one million. Kiajessie was quickly in bad shape, down to just $200,000 after losing a few big hands. For a moment it looked like victory was assured for muckmehard but Kiajessie started clawing his way back into the game.

Kiajessie won his first all-in attempt and suddenly was back up to $500,000. After that Kiajessie filled up a couple boats and was dead even with muckmehard.

It must have been a wake-up call for muckmehard. A war of attrition ensued with each player patiently biding their time and waiting for the opportunity to strike. Finally Kiajessie ground muckmehard down to $700,000.

The final hand played out in epic manner. muckmehard pushed all-in with pocket rockets on a board that contained three sixes but Kiajessie flipped over the final six for quad sixes to win the hand and the tournament. Kiajessie took home $48,285 and a gold jersey avatar for his John D'Agostino. 20KJAY currently sits atop the FTOPS V leaderboards with 260 points.

The final table results for Event 8 are as follows:

1. Kiajessie $48,285

2. muckmehard $31,117

3. AD-Stars22 $23,069

4. Adar $17,704

5. SDLARRY $13,412

6. Gunslinger3 $9,657

7. Ditka89 $6,438

8. cashnotax $4,828

9. bayne_s $3,433

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