$3k HORSE - Ivey Wins It All!

The man, the myth, the winnar!
The man, the myth, the winnar!

Well that was a masterclass.

Ivey came into the heads-up with a deficit against one of the best technical exponents of poker in the world but just ran over Bill Chen, never missing a value bet and picking up pot after pot after pot.

Bill Chen's vocal rail tried to cheer their man to victory but it was Phil Ivey's day and the last hand proved that.

Ivey's The Nuts

Razz was the backdrop to their final confrontation and a fittingly dramatic hand saw Chen's exit.

There was betting all the way to fifth street when Chen found himself all-in. Nevermind he had a very strong heads-up Razz hand in A-2-5-6-7, however, in a sick cooler Ivey held A-2-3-5-6 for a hand that was far superior!

Unlucky Mr. Chen, he bricked sixth and seventh and Ivey finished in style, hitting a four to complete the nuts on the river, meaning he wins the bracelet!

A titantic battle sees Bill Chen come out in second place with $203,802 and Ivey win $329,840 for the finish, his eighth bracelet and who knows how much in side bets.

"I never doubt myself," said Ivey as he collected the bracelet and the plaudits from an appreciative rail.

An outstanding tournament comes to close and another page of history is added to the World Series. What a tournament and what a night.

We'll be posting up a full recap of the day shortly but for now good night and thanks for following our coverage.

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$3k HORSE - Horso-a-horso!

Why's he always got it!
Why's he always got it!

The remaining two HORSEs have outrun the rest of the field and we are left with Bill Chen and Phil Ivey playing it out heads-up.

That fact of course means that John Juanda has succumbed and this is how.

Phil Sits On His Ivey Towers (Juanda - 3rd)

Stud saw the end of John Juanda and it was his long-time nemesis Phil Ivey who did the honours. The pair warred over 3rd, 4th and 5th street before Juanda threw the rest of his chips in.

Ivey told him he had two pair and Juanda recognised he was in trouble whispering an expletive as he turned up ace-high to Ivey's eights and deuces.

He nearly got out of it, sixth and seventh-ing a running two pair aces and treys, but Ivey was never going to lose, hitting a decisive deuce on seventh to make him an unbeatable boat.

Good game John Juanda, he pads his already-impressive WSOP C.V. with another $129,533 result, picking up yet more Player of the Year points, having already made several final tables in the series.

But that elimination leaves Bill Chen and Phil Ivey heads-up!

The crowd are wild with anticipation and there are no doubt a few high-stakes pros sweating an Ivey bracelet.

Chen has the advantage right now though as the chip counts show.

Heads-Up Standings

Bill Chen  2,900,000
Phil Ivey  1,100,000

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$3k HORSE - Galloping into History

Ground his way to 5th spot.
Ground his way to 5th spot.

Another hour gone - another two eliminations have left us on the cusp of our next bracelet winner - and it is Bill Chen who retains the advantage over the remaining two opponents, although they have years of guile and experience between them.

The rail is getting interesting with these legends of the game battling for the bracelet. Bill Chen has a number of his friends including Terence Chan and Andy Bloch railing him whilst the rest of the cordoned off area is festooned with excited railbirds watching Juanda and Ivey - the remaining combatants - go at it.

Here's news of the bustouts along with the current standings.

Lisandro Put Out To Pasture (5th)

Lisandro won bracelets for fun last year but he couldn't quite manage another here, falling in the Stud round.

He actually did extremely well to last this long, grinding his shortstack up several ladder spots before ultimately succumbing.

Short and with buried fives, Lisandro went for broke, ultimately succeeding as he ran into Ken Aldridge's buried eights. Aldridge's equity advantage held over all seven streets, leaving Lisandro dead and buried and on the rail in 5th spot for $68,417.

What Ken You Do? (Aldridge - 4th)

Ivey is not a man to take on right now. If you're behind he will hold, if you are ahead he will get there.

He demonstrated his run-good, warring with Aldridge on a J T 2 board with a pretty looking hand J 9 8 6 for top pair and an open-ender.

Aldridge was nominally ahead with two pair for jacks and deuces but Ivey had a plethora of outs to bink him him the pot and the turned 8 gave him a superior two pair which held on the river.

Good game Ken Aldridge - $93,418 his reward for 4th.

The Standings

Bill Chen  2,500,000
Phil Ivey  1,100,000
John Juanda  650,000

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$3k HORSE - Flogging Three Dead Horses

Check that leaderboard boys!
Check that leaderboard boys!

It may have taken a while to reach our first elimination but a domino effect has been set off, three players busting in quick succession.

With the blinds at 20k 40k (Small Bet 40k; Big Bet 80k) even the big stacks can find themselves in peril following a few lost pots in a row - there isn't much room for manoeuvre out there.

There is a quiet intensity pervading the players at this final right now. They are focused on playing their best game and with such illustrious opponents and precarious blinds they would be well advised to do so.

Here's the news from the last hour.

Sweet Smell of Six-es (Chad Brown - 8th)

The chunky blinds only serve to increase variance and Chad Brown is the perfect example of the devastating effect they can have.

Having come into the final as one of the chip leaders, he is first to bust and it was the smartly-attired Bill Chen who did the damage. Limit Hold'em was the battle ground and the last of Brown's chips went in on the turn of a T 5 4 2 board holding J 8 for a flush draw.

Incredibly he didn't actually need to hit his flush to win as Chen just had seven-high with 7 6 for the straight draw but when the river fell the 6 to give Chen the only pair, his hand was best and Chad Brown was gone in 8th spot, collecting $29,406 for his performance.

At least he has Vanessa Rousso to go home to - perhaps explaining Brown's ubiquitous smile and perpetual good mood throughout the final - even when the chips were down.

Well played sir.

David Baker
Baker's buns got burned.

BS, Mr Hahn Man (7th)

Whether "Enter the Dragon" quotes are apt for a HORSE final table is a debate for another day, but what is certain is that Albert Hahn got caught in a nasty Lisandro/ Ivey sandwich and before he knew it he was devoured.

He'd been short for some time, and fired the last of his chips in, being called by both Lisandro and Ivey. The A 2 5 8 Q board gave Ivey's K-K-7-4 the winning low and Lisandro's A-8-8-4 the winning high (seven-low and set of eights respectively.)

Mr Hahn could better neither hand so left to a quiet round of applause - $38,391 his reward for his endeavours.

Baker Burned (6th)

Good game Mr Baker.

Who knows why he chose to take on Ivey but he did, firing all his chips in preflop and running his A K 6 5  against Ivey's A K Q 2.

Juanda was in the pot briefly, although folded to Ivey's bet on the turn of a Q 9 6 9 board, Ivey's queens-up too good for Baker and when the river blanked, his day was done, collecting $50,871 for his troubles.

The Chips!

Five handed now Bill Chen is the man, having over double second place, and given his strong analytical skills the math whiz will be hard to displace from the top of the leaderboard we feel.

Here are the counts, courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com.

Bill Chen  2,025,000
John Juanda  910,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  700,000
Phil Ivey  400,000
Kenneth Aldridge  365,000

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$3k HORSE - Final Table...Again!

It's all over baby!
It's all over baby!

We promise this is the last time we pull this trick on you - this final eight will be the official final table, no more surprises.

Just one man needed to be eliminated to get there so without holding you up further in your quest to gather WSOP information, here's what occurred.

Lisandro Straight Into Last Eight (Hughes - 9th)

Jeffrey Lisandro was very keen to make the final and his wish has just come true as he eliminated the short-stacked Ryan Hughes during the Stud/8 round.

Hughes had started the hand with a big one - his (A)(6)A a monster holding in Stud/8, having many flush, low and high possibilities, but with four more streets to come he had some swerving to do.

Sadly for him, Lisandro also had a pretty good hand - his (3)(5)4 also a great starting hand and when Lisandro caught perfect on fourth and fifth with the 2 and 6, Hughes was staring down the barrell facing a 6 low and a 6-high straight.

Although he managed to give himself some outs for half the pot by picking up an A on sixth for trips, he never filled up - Lisandro swept up a very useful pot - and Hughes was busted in 9th spot for $22,849.

Chips, Chips And More Chips

With the players on a short hiatus, here's how they will stand when they return to play for the bracelet - Bill Chen in the ascendant as we speak.

Bill Chen  1,232,000
Phil Ivey  709,000
Kenneth Aldridge  633,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  574,000
John Juanda  400,000
Albert Hahn  303,000
Dave Baker  284,000
Chad Brown  147,000

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$3k HORSE - When Small Horses Rebel

Climbing Ivey...
Climbing Ivey...

So the players are on the final table - or at least they are at the table which will officially be the final table once one more player has been eliminated.

Complicated? Well a little, but one more bustout means we will have the official final table, and it may not be that far off.

The blinds are now 12k 25k, small bet 25k big bet 50k so the pot sizes are starting to get pretty big and several players have only a few big bets in their stack.

Here's what's been happening over the last hour.

Juanda's House Falls On Ivey

Ivey had been building his stack efficiently and aggressively, at one point flirting with the one million chip mark, having been relatively short not long ago.

Then he ran into John Juanda.

Showing boards of x x T 6 4 8 x for Ivey and x x J-3-5-6 x for Juanda, the two superstars got involved in a raising war on 4th street where they put four bets in each.

Ivey slowed down on 5th, 6th and 7th, calling Juanda's bets only to muck his cards when Juanda turned up a perfectly complimentary J-J-6 for a superb full house.

Ivey didn't show his cards just mucked them quietly, leaving Juanda to pick up a huge pot.

Jeffrey Lisandro
Lisandro knows the path to bracelet glory well.

Brown Proves a Hardy Opponent

Anyone wondering where Chad Brown buys his clothing, can see him right now at the final table sporting an "Ed Hardy" T shirt featuring the slogan "Surfer's Rule!" in gold lettering.

At the moment his clothing choice seems to be bringing him good luck as he, like Ivey has swept up several big pots to move from being a relatively shortstack with just 50k not that long ago to now over 600k.

Lisandro Ready To Knock Some Blocks Off

Jeffrey Lisandro came to the nine-handed final table with just 50k or so, but he has turned round his fortunes somewhat - rising up to 190k at this point.

He is confident of further progression, saying "You know, I've got a good chance of making the final table. There are a couple of shortstacks and if they get involved in a hand, who knows what could happen!"

Chipping Up

Here's how all that has affected the chip standings at present. It's anyone's game right now.

Kenneth Aldridge  840,000
John Juanda  820,000
Phil Ivey  760,000
Bill Chen  715,000
Chad Brown  620,000
Dave Baker  406,000
Albert Hahn  350,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  190,000
Ryan Hughes  57,000

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$3k HORSE - Dinner Done; Final Set!

Bill Chen: Brushes up well!
Bill Chen: Brushes up well!

It didn't take long once the players had returned from dinner to reach the final nine.

The elimination of Brent Wheeler precipitated the final table - and what a collection of superstars it is.

Here's how that went down along with the chip counts for the final nine.

Wheeler Jacked Out (10th)

Brent Wheeler had watched Phil Ivey open a number of Stud pots, before electing to go with his split pair of eights. Unluckily for him Bill Chen had a jack exposed behind him and re-raised - leaving Ivey to fold and Wheeler to fear the worst.

Indeed he was in trouble as Chen flipped over split jacks and as the dealer peeled the remaining streets, Chen's hand only improved, picking up three queens to go with his jacks for an impregnable full house.

That was it for our 10th place HORSE Wheeler who was taken behind the sheds with a shotgun, never to return.

Chen meanwhile, who is immaculately attired in a crisp suit, went over to celebrate with a newlywed couple, whose wedding he had attended earlier in the day, explaining his smart sartorial choice.

The Final Nine Horses

A tough competition has reached the final table and there is talent aplenty amongst the final nine combatants. Here's how they line-up.

Bill Chen  715,000 
Phil Ivey  685,000
Chad Brown  634,000
John Juanda  585,000
Kenneth Aldridge  470,000
David Baker  406,000
Ryan Hughes  380,000
Albert Hahn  345,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  50,000

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$3k HORSE - Pass The Nosebags - Dinner Time!

Great comeback from Brown.
Great comeback from Brown.

The remaining players have left the table to go and grab some much-needed sustinence but two players will have longer than the allotted hour break, having been removed from contention over the previous level. Just ten men will return to fight on for the bracelet when they resume.

Yuebin Guo and Chad Brown were the men most in danger when we last checked in with you, but only one of those has busted - and here's how.

Time To Guo Now (12th)

Razz was the game that saw Guo play his final hand and the increasingly big-stacked John Juanda was the man to deal him the death blow.

Shortstacked, Guo could hold his trigger finger no longer, cocking his gun and firing his last bullet with (A)-(4)-T.

Juanda held the superior (8)-(7)-A and when he made an 8-7 low, Guo couldn't match him, meaning he hits the rails in 12th spot.

Horseshoe Up Baker's A*s (Makowsky - 11th)

A cruel end for Dan Makowsky saw him get in a raising war with David Baker, both players puttng four bets in preflop.

The flop of J 7 2 saw Makowsky commit the rest of his chips and Baker call - only to see Makowsky had a big advantage with pocket queens versus his ace-ten.

The poker gods are cruel and unusual creatures though, and they allowed an ace to fall on the turn, leading a distraught Makowsky on the cusp of elimination.

The brick river pushed him over the edge and left him down, out and on the rail - an unfortunate victim of variance and busted in 11th spot.

Take The Count

So while the players feast on their respective dinners, let's give you an indication of who the men holding all the aces are right now.

Ryan Hughes  860,000
Bill Chen  700,000
John Juanda  670,000
David Baker  450,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  445,000
Chad Brown  390,000
Kenneth Aldridge  375,000
Albert Hahn  240,000
Phil Ivey  180,000
Brent Wheeler  135,000

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$3k HORSE - Apocalypse for Three of the Horsemen

King Of The Stable - Ryan Hughes
King Of The Stable - Ryan Hughes

Three HORSES have been loosed from the stable and we are now left with just twelve men battling it out for the bracelet.

With the blinds at 6k 12k (Small Bet 12k; Big Bet 24k), playing a hand to the river is a costly business and some players are finding themselves placed under increasing pressure.

The tension is ramping and a thick crowd has formed on the rail to watch these stars playing their trade in the spotlight.

Here's the latest from the felt.

It's The Glue Factory For Heimiller (15th)

Dan Heimiller has made a number of deep runs at this year's WSOP but has yet to seal the deal with a bracelet and once again he has fallen just short.

He was a victim of the Stud round, short-stacked and going for broke with three suited starting cards (T)(K)4.

Phil Ivey took him on with split eights and when neither player improved by seventh, Ivey's eights were best and Heimiller was on the rail, denied a shot at a bracelet once again.

David Benyamine

Benyamine Bounced (14th)

Another big star of the game has succumbed and this time French High Stakes player David Benyamine was the victim during the Stud/8 round.

Benyamine again didn't have the chips to fold once he made open fours with a three card low draw and got the rest of his stack into the middle versus Brent Wheeler, but he was in big trouble when Wheeler exposed rolled-up deuces.

A powerhouse hand, Banyamine might have cracked it when he made trip fours on sixth - the only problem being Wheeler also improved, hitting yet another deuce for quads!

That was it for Benyamine, his one out salvation never arrived, he failed to make a low hand to even pick up half the pot and his bracelet dream is strangled in 14th spot.

Good game.

Res-Lock'ed Out (13th)

Ming Reslock was the last remaining female participant in the HORSE but hopes that she could collect another bracelet for the girls have died with her recent elimination.

Ryan Hughes was the man who sent her to the rail, during the Stud-8 rounds in 13th place.

Counting The Cost

Here's the standings now, Chad Brown and Yuebin Guo both in imminent danger of elimination.

Counts are courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com.

Ryan Hughes  700,000
John Juanda  670,000
Kenneth Aldridge  535,000
Bill Chen  420,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  417,000
Dave Baker  370,000
Daniel Makowsky  310,000
Brent Wheeler  300,000
Albert Hahn  225,000
David Baker  164,000

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$3k HORSE - Seiver Dismounts

Super Seiver met his kryptonite.
Super Seiver met his kryptonite.

The last hour has seen one elimination, bringing the field down to 15 players. In addition a new chip leader has taken over the reins from previous chip leader John Juanda.

No one seems to be interested in budging an inch so far and with such accomplished players duking it out, we can expect the fight for the bracelet to be a drawn-out war of attrition.

Here's news of that elimination.

Seiver Wavers (16th)

Scott Seiver was down to the bare bones of his stack and went for broke in the Omaha/8 round with a hand that can only play high - A Q J J.

His raise from under-the-gun was enough to set him all-in and Yuebin Guo was the man who took a shot at knocking him out - holding A Q 4 2

The board of T 5 3 was about as bad as it could get for Seiver - Guo flopping the wheel wrap and nut flush draw - although Seiver's jacks were nominally ahead, he was now a big dog.

The A on the turn was more than enough, completing Guo's wheel draw and consigning the 2008 bracelet-winner Seiver to the rail.

Chipping Up

Here are the current standings with 15 players left.

Counts courtesy of worldseriesofpoker.com.

Ryan Hughes  748,000
Kenneth Aldridge  614,000
Jeffrey Lisandro  502,000
Bill Chen  483,000
Chad Brown  348,000
Daniel Makowsky  318,000
David Baker  164,000
Yuebin Guo  160,000
Brent Wheeler  112,000
Phil Ivey  105,000

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$3k HORSE - Saddle Up And Deal!

Juanda's the man right now.
Juanda's the man right now.

PokerListings have decided to take a closer look at the $3k HORSE tournament, the high-calibre field way too impressive to ignore.

There are currently two tables left - 16 players - and with names like Phil Ivey, Bill Chen, Dan Heimiller, John Juanda, David Benyamine, Chad Brown, Scott Seiver and Jeffrey Lisandro numbered amongst them, it should be an exciting playdown to the finish.

At the moment it is John Juanda who holds most of the cards, his monster 655k stack dwarfing that of his opponents, and he will be a tough man to get past given his wealth of experience.

Some of the top pros in the world are tearing into each other as we speak so let's get on with the action!

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Event Name Event 37 - $3,000 HORSE
Date 19 June 2010
Final Day 21 June 2010
Buy In $3,000
Prize Pool $1,319,280
First Prize $329,840

Phil Ivey

Event 37 - $3,000 HORSE

Top Money Finishers Prize
1. Phil Ivey $329,840
2. Bill Chen $203,802
3. John Juanda $129,553
4. Kenneth Aldridge $93,418
5. Jeffrey Lisandro $68,417
6. Dave Baker $50,871
7. Albert Hahn $38,391
8. Chad Brown $29,406
9. Ryan Hughes $22,849
10. Brent Wheeler $22,849