Europe Rules: Van Hoof, Stephensen, Jacobson Final 3 in Main Event

The Jorryt Show.

For the first time since 2011 the title of world champion will go to someone who resides outside North America.

The Netherland’s Jorryt Van Hoof, Norway’s Felix Stephensen and Martin Jacobson of Sweden are all that remain at the final table after a marathon session.

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The original intent was to play until heads-up but that proved to be a pipe dream as the final table played until the wee hours of the morning, finally ending at 4:30 a.m.

It’s the first time the final three has been composed entirely of European players. Van Hoof controlled much of the play at the final table and ended as the chip leader with 89.6 million chips.

Arguably the most established pro at the final table, Jacobson, gained some momentum in the last few hands of the evening and finished with 64.7 million. Stephenson is third with 46.1 million.

Play will resume three-handed at 5:30 p.m. PT and play to a winner. Here’s the chip counts again:

  • Jorryt Van Hoof - 89.6 million
  • Martin Jacobson - 64.7 million
  • Felix Stephensen - 46.1 million

Newhouse Crashes Ninth Again

Mark Newhouse 2
Deja Vu

The worst possible scenario struck for back-to-back November Niner Mark Newhouse as he ended up finishing in ninth place for the second straight year.

Newhouse was adamant he was going to avoid finishing ninth this year but that’s exactly what happened when he busted with tens to William Tonking’s pocket queens.

Brazilian star Bruno Politano was the next player to go, which snuffed Brazil’s hopes for a world champion this year.

Then Dan Sindelar (7th) and Andoni Larrabe (6th) were eliminated, which led to five-handed play that went on for hours.

Finally foosball champ Billy Pappas busted in fifth place ending the deadlock. Tonking, who eliminated the first player at the final table, was the final player to be eliminated on the day.

Here’s how the payouts look thus far:

  • 1. TBD - $10,000,000
  • 2. TBD - $5,145,968
  • 3. TBD - $3,806,402
  • 4. William Tonking - $2,849,763
  • 5. Billy Pappas - $2,143,794
  • 6. Andoni Larrabe - $1,622,471
  • 7. Dan Sindelar - $1,236,084
  • 8. Bruno Politano - $947,172
  • 9. Mark Newhouse - $730,725
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