EPT Vienna Day 3: Bits and Pieces as Blom, Hansen Bust

Gus Hansen
First EPT cash since 2005 for Gustav.

The EPT Vienna main event is down to the nitty gritty with 50 players left to end Day 3 today.

Spain's Pablo Gordillo Caballero is the current chip leader with 2,111,000 in chips while Johnny Lodden, Marcel Luske, Jude Ainsworth and Stephen Chidwick hang on in pursuit.

Catch up with the day's action with the live stream video replay; meanwhile, plenty of interesting things went down in and around the main show and our reporting team grabbed a few tidbits:

-        PokerStars pro Eugene Katchalov won the play-out of the Eureka High Roller Event over Niki Jedlicka; heads-up play lasted four hours. Jedlicka (online: Kaibuxxe, RealAndyBeal) was ahead most of the time; they struck a deal with Jedlicka on 5 million and Katchalov on 4 million chips: €121,700 for Katchalov, €127,600 for Jedlicka with €27,700 left for the winner.

-        EPT champion becomes bubble boy. Swiss High Roller Ronny Kaiser busted on the bubble on Day 3. Kaiser won EPT Tallinn in 2012.

Eugene Katchalov
Katchalov gets paid.

- The largest group of players in the main event is from Germany (150), followed by Austria (85), and Russia (77). Countries with one player: Albania, Armenia, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Tunisia, Turks & Caicos Islands, Uganda, Uruguay

-        Gus Hansen made his first EPT cash since 2005 (!). Among others he busted EPT champion Kevin Stani and then tweeted “busted another shortstack." Doesn’t seem to know many EPT winners.

-        The following players won a seat to the EPT Grand Final in the $2,150 NLHE Turbo Hybrid Side Event: Martin Jacobson (Sweden), Farid Jattin (USA), Ariel Celestino (Brazil), Griffin Benger (Canada), Valentino Yasenov Konakchiev (Bulgaria), José Carlos Garcia (Spain). Marc-André Laduceur (Canada) came in seventh.

-        Nomen est omen. The winner of side event no. 16, €500 PL 7-Card Stud is named Dmitry Chop. He did not want to make a deal with his heads-up opponent Max Pescatori (Italy).

-        Big-name bustouts today: Vladimir Geshkenbein, Sam Trickett, Viktor Blom (out in 77th), Gus Hansen (71st), Bertrand Grospellier, Martin Staszko, David Vamplew

Decision of the Day (from Day 1b):

One players raises from middle position. Before the button can announce her action the Small Blind tells the dealer he's accidentally seen the button’s hand. The floor is called.

Decision: The button’s hand gets opened so everybody has the same information as the Small Blind.

The action goes back to the initial raiser. He can take his chips back and start his move fresh. The blinds are also playing against the open hand of the button. Watch the action unfold below:

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