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EPT Grand Final Madrid Picture Book

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17 May 2011
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The final table

Last week was in Madrid for the EPT Grand Final, along with a few of our European writers.

Fred Guillemot of fame spent his time productively, probably while us .com folk were at the bar, and was nice enough to share with us.

It's kind of like the Grasshopper and the Ant, except in this case the ant is a tall, French poker writer.

Anway, get a real feeling for what the Grand Final is really like with our EPT Madrid Picture Book!

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)


The casino is 30 minutes outside of Madrid, in a small town called Torrelodones, and accessible by PokerStars shuttles.


The casino entrance.


After the last robbery on the EPT security is definitely taken seriously.


Casino entrance hall, complete with ridiculous chandelier.




Obligatory weird Spanish art.


The PokerStars welcome desk.


PokerStars Shwag.


Shamballa Jewels, official sponsor of the EPT. The winner of the grand final took home a $22,000 Shamballa champion bracelet.


The tournament room.


Take your seat.


The dealers are ready.




Tournament registration.


Entrance to the TV table room. 


Inside the cameras wait.


The Mandalay room with television set-up.


The TV Table.


Made for TV.




Lights, camera, action.


The trophy.



Press obligations.



Down the stairs we find the press room.


And many a poker journalist.


The poker media runs on free spreads like this.


The outdoor garden, host to many an open bar.


Food, drink, sun.


And of course BBQ.


Yeah, we'll be going back.

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