Epic Poker League Puts Rheem on ‘Probation’

Chino Rheem

Chino Rheem may have won $1 million in the first Epic Poker League event but that doesn’t mean he’s getting a free pass from the organization.

Rheem, who came under fire during the tournament for having large unpaid debts to a number of poker players, was officially put on probation by the EPL yesterday.

According to the EPL, their Standards & Conduct Committee voted to put Rheem on probation for his ongoing financial obligations that were incurred prior to the League’s formation.

Furthermore the league plans on monitoring the personal conduct of Rheem as he works to fulfill his financial commitments under the .

As per the Players’ Code, all EPL players are required to meet financial responsibilities on time in order to maintain eligibility in the League.

In reaching its decision the Committee recognized that thus far Rheem has used his best efforts and all the proceeds he personally received from winning the first EPL Main Event to partially satisfy his outstanding financial obligations.

Rheem will remain under probation until he has satisfied his pre‐league formation financial obligations.

If the L.A.-based poker pro fails to uphold his financial commitments he will be suspended from the league.

Rheem, who made the final table of the 2008 WSOP Main Event, has more than $5.7 million in lifetime poker tournament earnings.

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