Emmons, Cazals Make FTOPS XXI Final Tables

Aubin Cazals
Aubin "K-zouls" Cazals

Another half million was awarded over three events in FTOPS XXI on Full Tilt Poker yesterday.

Jacob “bazeman” Bazeley, David “betudont” Emmons, Bryan “enterthewu19” Piccioli and Aubin “K-zouls” Cazals were among the numerous noted online players who made sizable scores. 

Day 3 of FTOPS XXI included a little bit of everything with 6-Max HA, HORSE and Knockout NLHE events.

Check below for highlights from FTOPS XXI Day 3:

FTOPS #5: Mikleler Cashes In 

Don’t let it be said there’s no value in FTOPS tournaments.

FTOPS #5 $216 Pot-Limit HA 6-Max actually provided a slight overlay as the 495 entrants fell just short of the $100k guarantee.

It was no matter as Full Tilt Poker threw in a little extra cash, giving everyone even more incentive.

The final nine included respected grinders Jesse “shakentoucan” Johnston and Jacob “bazeman” Bazeley. Bazeley just missed out on the final table coming in seventh place for $2,300 while Johnston ended up in fifth for $5,500.

Mikleler went on to beat TheKoalabear heads-up to claim the FTOPS title and $18,000 in cash. Thanks to a heads-up deal, TheKoalabear actually made more money for his second-place finish as he earned $18,500.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table results:

  • 1. Mikleler - $18,000
  • 2. TheKoalabear - $18,500
  • 3. CocazeroPlz - $10,500
  • 4. ITrashYou - $7,800
  • 5. shakentucan - $5,500
  • 6. karfaton - $3,600
Aubin Cazals
Aubin Cazals also went deep in Event 6.

FTOPS #6: mrcall912 Rides HORSE to Victory

Online player mrcall912 smashed his way to $18k in the first HORSE event of FTOPS XXI.

FTOPS #6 $216 HORSE drew a total of 377 runners to create a prizepool of $75,400, which was triple the guarantee of $25,000.

The final table featured several notable names with David “betudont” Emmons and Russian high-stakes cash game player knluiy.

Interestingly, Aubin "K-zouls" Cazals also finished 36th for $550 before final-tabling Event 7 later in the day.

Emmons has had a pretty great online year considering he won the PokerStars TCOOP Main Event for $382k back in January.

He was denied an FTOPS title in this event, however, as he finished in seventh place for $1,885.

Meanwhile knuiy made it all the way to heads-up play before falling to mrcall912. The Russian earned $12,516 for his efforts. Mrcall912 earned $18,699 for winning it all.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table payouts:

  • 1. mrcall912 - $18,699
  • 2. knluiy - $12,516
  • 3. Manechka - $8,746
  • 4. nilsef - $5,428
  • 5. tron34 - $3,468
  • 6. Alxbanana - $2,488
  • 7. betudontbet - $1,885
  • 8. Tueff123 - $1,357
Bryan Piccioli
Bryan “enterthewu19” Piccioli

FTOPS #7: Online Player errr_rick Makes No Mistake in $80k Win

Finnish online player errr_rick took down the biggest FTOPS event yesterday for a total of $79,565. 

FTOPS #7 $322 NLHE Super Turbo Knockout Multi-Entry had a long name and an even bigger field with a total of 1,391 getting in on the action to create a $361,660 prizepool, which easily surpassed the $150k guarantee.

The international final table included New York-native Bryan “enterthewu19” Piccioli, Hugarian Andras Nemeth and French pro Aubin “K-zouls” Cazals.

Cazals won a bracelet for $480k at the WSOP this summer but busted from yesterday’s final table relatively quickly in eighth place for $7,594.

Nemeth made it to fifth place where he earned $22k while Piccioli did one better by coming in fourth for $29k.

Finland’s errr_rick would eventually beat TOM1211HH heads-up to claim an FTOPS jersey and nearly $80k in cash.

Here’s a look at the complete final-table payouts:

  • 1. errr_rick - $79,565
  • 2. Tom1211HH - $50,632
  • 3. thelumeister - $36,618
  • 4. enterthewu19 - $29,384
  • 5. Andras Nemeth - $22,169
  • 6. Paul Merson - $16,274
  • 7. jochee - $10,488
  • 8. K-zouls - $7,594
  • 9. Kotik-Narkotiks - $5,424

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