ElkY scores in PCA High Roller event

Bertrand Grospellier

Last year Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier started off his year with a main event win at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. He missed out on a repeat this year, instead pulling out a win in the High Roller event at the PCA to kick off his 2009.

The High Roller event drew 48 players willing to put up the $25,000 buy-in. It only took one day of play to get down to the final table as some of the big names of the game battled at the felt.

Just to name a few of the stars aside from Grospellier, Nick Schulman.

Coming in as one of the short stacks, Schulman was the first to bow out of the final table. He got in on a hand with Grospellier and his luck ran out.

Alaei was next to go, out in seventh place, with Elezra falling behind him in sixth place.

Brenes was knocked out in fifth place by Seiver. The two got in it with Seiver holding K T, and Brenes had K 4.


A flop of 4 3 2 kept Brenes in the running, but when a 7 fell on the turn followed by a 3 on the river, Seiver had pulled out a flush to send Brenes packing.

The remaining four made a game of it as Molson doubled through ElkY to stay alive, but Gerasimova wasn't so lucky when she shoved all-in and Seiver made the call. Her effort to make a move with 8 6 was countered by Seiver's pocket rockets, and she was sent packing.

Still, $98,300 is pretty good for the relatively unknown Russian who was the last female standing. Perhaps she's had some excellent coaching from her boyfriend, Ivan Demidov.

Seiver couldn't string that winning hand into a hot streak, and he was next to go, leaving Grospellier and Molson to play heads-up.

It took only one hand of play for ElkY to win the game, though. Molson open-shoved his last $331,000 on the very first hand of heads-up play.

He was holding K T, and Grospellier looked down to find A J and made the easy call. When the board came Q 6 2 A 6, Grospellier was the High Roller winner.

If ElkY's 2008 record is any indicator of what could happen this year, a win in the PCA could signal another successful year for the PokerStars pro.

After winning the PCA main event in January last year, Grospellier went on to cash in several high-profile live tournaments, including two World Series of Poker events and the Grand Prix de Paris. He also picked up a World Poker Tour main event win at the Festa al Lago in Las Vegas.

Keep an eye out for him in our Live Tournaments section as PokerListings' reporters traverse the globe to give you live coverage from major tournaments all over the world.

At the moment you can check out further details from the High Roller event as well as see how the PCA main event is playing out.


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