Elite eight set for PokerStars.com World Cup

Cory Carroll
UGOTNOTRAVELPLANS: Cory Carroll can't pull Team Nova Scotia through.

It started at 75,000 players.

That was whittled down to 57 teams of four - two proving their mettle through freerolls and two through the PokerStars Leaderboard - each representing either their country or a region of the country.

So by the time they finally squared up to the PokerStars.com felt for the World Cup of Poker IV Division finals, it had already been a war of attrition among some of the world's best players - among them Kevin "beLOWaBOVe" Saul and Cory "UGOTPZD" Carroll.

But after 11 hours of play, they had worked the field down to eight national poker teams that will fly all-expenses paid to Barcelona for the PokerStars.com World Cup of Poker IV Live Final Sept 4-7.

The spoils there: International bragging rights and a shot at $250,000 in prize money.

And it truly is a diverse and international field left in the mix, with a new champion ready to be crowned - both defending champ Poland and two-time champ Costa Rica failed to make the cut.

Your winners: USA National Team 1, Canada Province Team 1 (Newfoundland), Bayern - Province Team 3 from Germany, Team Ireland, Team Iceland, Team Portugal, Team Hungary and Team Mexico.

Action resumes in Barcelona Sept. 4, where they will play a live team score round with the top four teams reaching the semi-finals.

From there, the teams play a final four-handed, tag-team tournament to determine the World Cup of Poker IV Champions.

The teams:

USA National Team 1

tnetter, shaundeeb, principe4, d-28
(USA Division)

Canada Province Team 1 (Newfoundland)

tilterino, SirWatts, gummer2004, poppyoppy
(Canada Division)

Bayern--Province Team 3

Rennwurm, bolsans, kosa28, Corn0815
(German Division)

Team Ireland

ROONEY_DIVES, luckysod, Conno!!y, greenrizla
(Britain and Ireland Division)

Team Iceland

Squrell, uglyjoes, @tl@sinn, frikki
(Europe Division I)

Team Portugal

spxdes, zumytime, Guto ,jojo19713
(Europe Division II)

Team Hungary or Team Romania
Playoff pending

Team Mexico
onasis16, coronabeach, xmeteorox, elricardomt
(Rest of World Division)

All the action from the Division finals can be found here at the PokerStars blog, which is also where you can tune in for the live final.

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