El Timba earns Pokerfecta win at Betfair Poker

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Betfair Poker announced this week that another player had managed the feat of winning the Pokerfecta at the poker site.

El Timba won a $1,500 Guaranteed, a $2,000 Guaranteed and a $600 Guaranteed tournament in just one week to walk away with a $6,000 Pokerfecta jackpot.

Pokerfecta offers poker players what Betfair Poker calls the ultimate multi-table tournament competition. Players must win three multi-table tournaments at the poker site during one week to win the prestigious Pokerfecta jackpot.

Only five players have managed to achieve the Pokerfecta since the promotion was introduced at Betfair Poker in February.


Extra cash wasn't the only thing Betfair Poker was sending out congratulations to players for this week. It also saw three players win World Series of Poker Europe prize packages this week.

A player from Portugal, phounder, not only took down a WSOP qualifier to win a $16,000 WSOP prize package, he also won a $24,000 World Series of Poker Europe prize package.

Official qualification for the WSOPE is exclusive to Betfair Poker.

Nutmeg and mrnohoper will also be joining phounder at the WSOPE. They qualified through the latest two-package guaranteed qualifier at the poker site.

Betfair Poker is offering up $1.5 million in WSOP Europe prize packages this year. For your shot at some extra cash or a seat in a major event, visit Betfair Poker.

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