Egar1m settles for nothing less than first

Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

Not willing to settle for anything less than what he wanted, Egar1m ended up coming from behind in the PokerStars Sunday Million and taking the top prize without making a deal.

Amid a crowd of more than 2,000 players, Egar1m made his way into the final table of the major weekly tournament on Sunday. When play got to three-handed, chip leader Sir_DonaldRM offered the other players a split based on chip count that would leave them with better than the second- and third-place prize amounts.

It was a pretty generous offer considering Sir_DonaldRM had just under $17 million in chips compared to the $7 million in kaweco's possession and Egar1m's $2.5 million.

But Egar1m turned down the deal, which would have netted him $20,000 more than the first-place spot he seemed poised to take in the tournament.

As it turned out, it was the right decision. Kaweco went out in third and Egar1m managed to turn the tables on Sir_DonaldRM, taking over the chip lead and turning down another proposed deal before heading into the winner's circle.

For his win, he received nearly a quarter of a million dollars. The final-table results were as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Egar1m United States $243,115.80
2nd Sir_DonaldRM Spain $123,607
3rd kaweco Canada $81,831.80
4th rk58 Sweden $67,422
5th MattZman69 United States $54,202
6th scarface_79 United States $40,982
7th jeffreyjjj United States $28,819.60
8th pokerguru69 United States $18,243.60
9th OnlyPlayRagz United States $10,576

Egar1m wasn't the only playing picking up big money from PokerStars on Sunday. Three other tournaments also left players taking home thousands of dollars in extra cash.

The results of the Sunday Warm-Up were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st zivziv Israel $64,642.86
2nd gennaro Austria $59,872.50
3rd Byran_Furry9 Denmark $29,694.72
4th jpmetalman United States $24,042.60
5th mgw21 United States $18,854.46
6th ael1979 Cyprus $14,214.66
7th conslice Canada $9,996.66
8th QuasiFiction United States $6,200.46
9th mattymat United States $3,711.84

The Sunday Hundred Grand played out as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st ozzieowen United Kingdom $16,820.48
2nd luckynutz21 United States $10,506.54
3rd Duecesover3s United States $6,376.31
4th O.Mustang United Kingdom $4,554.51
5th 72_Chevy United States $2,732.71
6th drhoopsmd United States $1,821.81
7th DAVIDOXXX France $1,457.45
8th bibiaans Netherlands $1,184.18
9th mppowerm Germany $910.91

The High Stakes Showdown saw these two big winners:

  1. malicous222 (United States) $25,000.00
  2. Iftarii (United States) $15,000.00

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