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Philip Conneller, who plays as escalope on PKR, bested a field of 150 players to become the first-ever PKR Live main event winner last weekend.

The poker magazine editor walks away with a $20,000 first-place prize after 20 hours of play over two days. The playing field was seeded with players from all over the world who made their way to London's Loose Cannon Club to play for more than $90,000 in prizes.

According to PKR, the event was a success, and player comments included "better than sex," "a success of mammoth proportions," and "an awesome weekend."

The PKR Live weekend got off to a start with a $60 buy-in tournament that had 138 players. The prize pool was more than $8,000 and the top prize went to Gareth "ChivalrousGent" Rees.

The next day of the series saw the start of the main event. It was filled to capacity and had a prize pool of $75,000. It took two days of play to find a winner, and the final-table players on the second day were:

  • Barry 'Bazultra' Cole (Southampton, U.K.)
  • Philip 'escalope' Conneller (London, U.K.)
  • Kent-Ivan 'GreenFaith' Danielsen (Arendal, Norway)
  • Henrik 'Pokey85' Eklund (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Thomas 'OleEinar' Gunia (Weimar, Germany)
  • Andrew 'Alfiemyster' Miles (Southampton, U.K.)
  • Daniel 'Dappadan777' Moosah (London, U.K.)
  • Raymond 'callmebabe' O'Mahoney (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Michael 'TheSqueeze' Panayiotou (London, U.K.)
  • Pieter 'EurootJE' Salet (Tilburg, Netherlands)

Conneller headed into the final table with a $219,000 stack of chips. According to PKR he showed solid play to become the clear chip leader and build a wall of chips during the three-and-a-half-hour final table.

Prior to the start of the final table, Conneller said his favorite hand had to be pocket sixes looking to improve to trips. It was proof he had a slightly sinister side, which made it no surprise when he ended up winning the tournament with 7-2 offsuit.

pkrlogo normal

On the final hand, Conneller called his opponents' all-in pre-flop.

"I've always wanted to win a tournament with seven-deuce," Conneller said as he turned up his 7-2 offsuit and was facing J-8 from Henrik 'Pokey85' Eklund, from Sweden.

Eklund had top two pair after the flop, and then Conneller hit runner-runner on the turn and river to come up with a straight.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Philip Conneller $20,000
2nd Henrik Eklund $12,000
3rd Daniel Moosah $8,500
4th Raymond O'Mahoney $6,500
5th Thomas Gunia $5,250
6th Pieter Salet $4,250
7th Andrew Miles $3,250
8th Barry Cole $2,500
9th Kent-Ivan Danielsen $1,850
10th Michael Panayiotou $1,400

While the main event concluded, PKR Live also hosted a third event, a $10,000 bounty freeroll that offered extra prizes for players that eliminated one of 12 PKR staff playing in the tournament.

Demetris "magicmoves" Theophanous was the last player standing in that tournament, bringing a close to the first-ever PKR Live.

There's still plenty of action at the virtual felt, however. If you're interested in playing online and potentially getting to go to one of the live events as well, sign up at PKR.

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