eCOGRA steps up online gaming fairness tests

The question still occasionally lingers in chat rooms and on forum boards: Is online gambling fair? Independent online gaming authority eCOGRA ensures us it is, and has stepped up its testing to prove it.

Recognized by several international jurisdictions, eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance) has already established itself as a reputable, independent testing agency for online casinos and poker rooms.

Their "seal of approval" has become a fixture in online gaming, and a critical one in ensuring complete player confidence in operator procedures.

Now they're taking it one step further, with the appointment of a dedicated team to offer the Total Gaming Transaction Review (TGTR) - a perpetual monitoring and data analysis process.

The objective? Continual testing, analysis and certification ensuring games are independent and fair, creating a "gold standard" of verifiability intended to increase confidence in the industry.

Included in the testing: Payout percentage reports for slots, table games, poker games and all games on a monthly basis; poker card-shuffling reviews on a monthly basis; reports in 14 languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

Andrew Beveridge, CEO of eCOGRA, says 130 leading casinos and poker rooms will be displaying the software reports, and it's a big step towards ongoing consumer confidence.

"eCOGRA now has the necessary skills, experience and player recognition to undertake this work," he says, "enabling us to give it our closer and more transparent and immediate attention.

"These dedicated resources will allow us greater flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the industry, but more importantly the requirement for safe and fair gaming from the player community."

For more details on the new testing platform or a more in-depth look at eCOGRA's established practices, visit eCOGRA's Web site.

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